BYTES: Meet Top Time Coffee, Tech Enhancing your Morning Joe


Top Time Coffee Company is out to prove that fresh roasted coffee is the best way to go.

Top Time Coffe at Centergy (1)

Nolan Hall and Alan Grusky, two Georgia Tech graduates who noted how difficult it is to control uniformity when roasting coffee beans in a cast-iron skillet, realized a need for better in-house roasters.

Under the guidance of Dr. Peter Hesketh, professor at Georgia Tech  School of Mechanical Engineering, the duo spent the summer at CREATE-X Idea to Prototype (I2P) researching heat transfer to coffee beans. They were then able to create a fully automated coffee roaster with an Android interface using Arduino microcontroller: The “Bean Daddy” bases its customizable roast settings on temperature index, corresponding with your favorite coffee’s flavor profile.

The best part? No babysitting–a whole bag of beans takes 15-20 minutes to complete roasting.

Top Time Coffe at Centergy (2)

Since its incorporation in May 2017, Top Time Coffee has been selling beans by the bag from Torched Hop Brewing Company, Midtown Atlanta; now, the team is taking their coffee and espressos on the road, staging pop-ups in corporate lobbies around Metro Atlanta.

Future plans include  building three to five more mobile kiosks, and funding a brick-and-mortar roastery in Avondale from pop-up revenue.

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