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12-07-16: Smart Restaurants and Food Safety; Mobile Checkout Experience Tech; Hospitality Industry Food Sustainability and Enhanced Experiences; Plus the Checkout features the amazing Farmbot!

 FOOD DAZE: Events to Attend |Dates to Celebrate

  • National Cotton Candy Day         December 7
  • National Brownie Day                    December 8
  • National Pastry Day                         December 9
  • National Lager Day                          December 10
  • National “Have a Bagel” Day       December 11
  • National Cocoa Day                          December 12
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BusinessmanSmart Restaurants Help Improve Operations and Enhance Food Safety

VeriSolutions is teaming with AT&T* to automate and help simplify compliance with food safety guidelines.  VeriSolutions’ platform features a temperature monitoring solution that uses AT&T IoT technology to gain insight into equipment. With the connected restaurant solution, employees can take immediate action on unusual sensor activity – saving time, money and, help prevent food contamination.

Mobile Company offers 3-digit restaurant checkout experience

Atlanta-based Sionic Mobile recently announced the integrated release of its award-winning ION Commerce Engine (ICE) with Oracle Hospitality MICROS POS solution. The integration provides a cardless, 3-digit checkout experience, that enables restaurants to quickly and securely process mobile payments and instantly reward guests. Immediately following a successful mobile checkout, guests using the Mobile Rewards App receive instant rewards in their rewards currency of choice. As one of the only truly universal rewards programs, users can earn and spend rewards at any of the more than 100,000 retail and restaurant locations comprising the Mobile Rewards Marketplace.

 Hotel Company Commits to Sustainable Food Sourcing

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, has reinforced its commitment to the sustainable sourcing of food served at IHG-branded hotels globally, specifically with regards to cage-free eggs. The company, which has its Americas HQ based in Atlanta, has worked with The Humane League to commit to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs throughout its US, Canadian and European operations no later than 2022. The move reflects IHG’s broader Responsible Business agenda, which encourages hotels to use environmentally friendly and locally sourced products and services.

Travel Experiences as Holiday Gift?  

According to PwC’s 2016 Holiday Outlook, 31% of consumers want to receive experiential gifts, and increasingly prefer travel and entertainment over material gifts. Airbnb has launched its Airbnb Experiences to meet the demand.

The new initiative offers handcrafted destination activities designed and led by local experts.



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