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5-31-17: Mobile Curated Dining, Tech to the Food Rescue, High-Speed Aviation goes High Tech, plus Nitrogen Ice Cream??

FOOD DAZE: Events to Attend | Dates to Celebrate

Bytes for Bites Day of Service                                      July 14

National Mint Julep Day May 30
National Macaroon Day May 31
National Hazelnut Cake Day June 1
National Rotisserie Chicken Day June 2
National Cheese Day June 4
Atlanta Food and Wine Fest June 1-4
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Consumers Can Curate Culinary Experiences Using CurEat Mobile App 

Group Of Friends Enjoying Evening Drinks In Bar


A new Atlanta-based restaurant app, CurEat, allows travelers and residents to curate their dining experience from their phone! Users can recommend their favorite eateries in their cities by making lists and sharing them with their followers. The app leverages your personal preferences based on themed lists, simplifying the search for the best meal in town.

First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Comes to Georgia

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! America’s first liquid nitrogen franchise, Sub Zero Ice Cream, recently announced an expansion into the South, including shops in Georgia and Kansas.

Later this summer, Sub Zero will open two locations in metro Atlanta, downtown near the Georgia Aquarium, and in the northern Fulton County suburb of Sandy Springs.

Their desserts are flash frozen at -321 degrees, ensuring that the ice crystals remain minuscule to create extra creamy, smooth confections.

European Airports Select Georgia Aviation

Gulfstream’s super mid-size aircraft, the G280, recently aced performance tests at some of Europe’s most challenging airports in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. Approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and European Safety Agency to fly steep approaches, G280 owes its speed and flexibility to top-notch design. According to Scott Neal, SVP Global Sales at Gulfstream, “The G280 provides easy access to Europe’s main financial center as well as many of its top ski destinations, making this super mid-size aircraft the ideal choice for entrepreneurs, adventure-seekers and discerning customers with a penchant for speed and efficiency.”

 Georgia Innovators Stand Out at NRA 2017

The National Restaurant Association held the largest retail, foodservice, & hospitality industry gathering in the country last week, May 20-23 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Themed “Ahead of the Crave,” the showcase emphasized the use of technology to create new combinations for food, beverage, and quality consumer service. The Coca-Cola Company, Georgia-Pacific and Orderly were among the innovative standouts during the conference:



THE CHECKOUT: Goodr Food Rescue App Feeds Food Deserts

Goodr Food Rescue App leverages technology to redirect surplus food from restaurants & businesses to food insecure communities.

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