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6-21-17: Retailer Chomps on Market, Bytes for Bites, NASA Going Commercial? Plus Thrive Farmers Coffee in the Checkout!

FOOD DAZE: Events to Attend | Dates to Celebrate

Bytes for Bites Day of Service                                      July 14

National Peaches & Cream Day June 21
National Chocolate Eclair Day June 22
National Pralines Day June 24
National Catfish Day  June 25
National Chocolate Pudding Day June 26
Bytes for Bites Food + Fund Drive  June 12-23

                                     Food Holidays Courtesy of Foodimentary


Omnichannel Retailer Buys Out Healthy Supermarket Chain

Retail giant Amazon has acquired Whole Foods Market, Inc. for $13.7 billion. A popular supermarket chain for certified organic and GMO-free foods and products, Whole Foods has nine locations in Georgia.

Bytes for Bites Whets Appetites for Community Service

Halfway into TAG’s annual Bytes for Bites food and fund competition, Georgia’s tech companies are breaking records, with over $30,000 in contributions so far. The statewide goal is to raise $50,000 or the equivalent of 200,000 meals by Friday, June 23rd.

From June 12 – 23, over 40 technology companies across the state are going head-to-head to see who can raise the most food and funds for their regional food banks. For every $1 raised, companies earn 4 points and for every pound of food raised they will earn 1 point. The companies with the most total points and the most total points per employee at the end of the two weeks will win the Grand Prize TAG Cups!

NASA Entering the Commercial Flights Business?

Honeywell Aerospace and NASA have developed avionics technology that may allow travelers to start taking commercial flights at supersonic speeds! The aerospace companies have spent two years testing a pilot interface to predict and track the impact of sonic booms in civilian airspace. Minimizing the noise produced from flying faster than the speed of sound is a key development in disrupting aviation, allowing pilots to cut business flight time in half (Imagine New York to Paris in 3 hours instead of 5!)

Guest Experience Management Solution Launches Nationwide

GEMtouch, a SaaS travel technology startup based in Roswell, has made its signature GEMtouch guest management solution available, following a successful pilot at a four-star seaside resort in Cape Cod. Chatham Bars Inn has deployed the cloud-based software in handling beach and cabana rentals, retail and dining point-of-sale, boating and other resort activities, providing a significant boost to guest experiences.


THE CHECKOUT: Thrive Farmers Coffee 

Thrive Farmers’ innovative logistics platform locks sustainable efforts into every sip of your fave speciality coffee.

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