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8-10-17 In honor of National IPA Day and International Beer Day, we’re tapping into all things foamy & tech-savvy.
Venues’ Concessions Go Mobile, IPAs Named by AI? Plus bevRAGE in the Checkout! 

FOOD DAZE: Events to Attend | Dates to Celebrate

Beer Blast and Technology Mixer                                         August 8

National Rice Pudding Day August 9
National S’Mores Day  August 10
National Panini Day August 11
National Filet Mignon Day August 13
National Lemon Meringue Pie Day August 15


Food Holidays Courtesy of Foodimentary


HDI shockwave extractor cavitation equipmt

Craft Beer Refines Brewing with New Tech
Terrapin Beer Company, an Athens-based brewery enjoying national success, is churning up quality with a recent partnership. The craft brewer is currently testing Xtract Mor, Inc.’s Shockwave Power Reactor (SPR) to extract hops and age its beers at Terrapin Beer Company’s Brew Lab and Taproom, adjacent to SunTrust Park in Atlanta, GA.

XTract Mor, Inc. is a subsidiary of Hydro Dynamic, Inc., a pioneer of cavitation technology headquartered in Rome, Georgia. The ShockWave Xtractor™ technology allows brewers to produce bitter beers with up to 50% less hops, both bittering and aroma hops for dry- hopping, as well as improve the extraction of fruits, spices and other flavors.

Event Venue Reimagines Guest Experience With Mobile Orders

The iconic Fox Theatre joins SunTrust Park and Mercedes-Benz Stadium in personalized convenience for patrons. Atlanta-based mobile app development company stable|kernel has created a drink-ordering app for guests, allowing them to quench their thirst from their seats between intermissions.

Autonomous Vehicles Introduced for Safer Streets

Georgia Tech Intelligent Robotics and Emergent Automation Lab will test autonomous vehicles on a run through Midtown, as a part of the upcoming Safer Roads challenge. What could this mean for transportation future?

Ultimate Food Delivery Service Enhances Community Dining

Shoppers at a retail center in Northwest Atlanta can opt in for their favorite meals delivered to their home or workplace straight from the food court. Online food delivery company Zifty has deployed Town Center Delivered for Cobb residents’ convenience.



Georgia-based bevRAGE’s mobile app allows consumers to receive real-time rebates on beer, wine, and spirits purchases. bevRAGE uses proprietary technology and cloud computing to provide brands with valuable customer analysis and retargeting capabilities.

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