Creating Personalized Retail Experiences that Consumers Value

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Americans spent a record $5 billion in online sales on Black Friday, with mobile representing 47% of online traffic according to data from Adobe Digital Insights. A highly customizable experience based on technology, data-driven marketing, and the limitless capabilities of e-commerce has created a shift from the traditional seller-centric marketplace to a buyer-centric marketplace where shoppers expect, demand, and most often get exactly what they want.


Consumers have become savvy e-commerce shoppers, knowing where to find the best deals and what they want to purchase. The digital channels over the last decade have shifted the buying power to consumers, creating a consumer-to-business market(C2B). With so many choices on the internet, online shopping can be overwhelming. How do businesses create personal experiences, attract consumers, and increase value?

Nick Pelusp, president of Manheim Digital Marketplaces and RMS Automotive, shares his thoughts on online shopping becoming the new norm.

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