Designing an Effective Sharepoint Governance Plan


Microsoft SharePoint’s powerful capabilities and user-friendliness have made it an indispensable tool for organizations world-wide. But like any tool, it can only be truly effective if it is well-maintained; this is where governance comes in. Every successful SharePoint implementation must include a robust governance plan that is followed, enforced, and updated regularly. But what exactly is a SharePoint Governance Plan?
A SharePoint Governance Plan is a set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes established to determine how SharePoint is used in an organization. Proper governance eliminates the potential for the design and architecture of a SharePoint system becoming inconsistent over time, leading to poor user experience and increased cost of ownership.
Additionally, a Governance Plan is essential in preventing violation of regulatory compliance guidelines such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley, wasting resources on non-essential data, loss/theft of data due to insecure server infrastructure, guiding backup and recovery of the environment in case of a disaster, and more.

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