Dragon Con: Until Next Year



After record-breaking attendance at Dragon Con, the foot traffic downtown has gone back to normal, the food court lines at Peachtree Center are back to a minimal wait time, and the hotel rooms have emptied. If you didn’t get a ticket, hopefully you made your way down Saturday morning to see the free parade headlined by legendary comic creator Stan Lee. While anyone could sign-up to walk in the parade, many used it as a way to showcase their handmade costumes. Attendees got a glimpse of some of the more tech-savvy participants’ hard work; whether they constructed a robotic costume, designed their own miniature go-cart, or turned their car into something out of a sci-fi movie, the parade was the perfect place to display what they had been working on all year.

This year at Dragon Con, tech lovers took full advantage of what was offered. Science and tech panels had lines wrapped around buildings and rooms were at full capacity. The science track offered several “power hours” throughout the weekend that provided hands-on activities for all ages. Con goers lined up to learn about ancient medical practices, what worked then, what is still used today, and what were just flat out bad ideas. In other forums, the audience was encouraged to ask questions and discuss with panelists their thoughts and ideas on where technology is headed and speculate on what kinds of technology might become obsolete.

Attendees got to meet and mingle with con goers who are passionate about science and bonded over their shared interests. It’s never too early to start planning a journey to the con next year. If you are an expert in your field and want to share your knowledge with the Dragon Con world, you can apply to host a panel by going to www.Dragoncon.org and clicking on the “participate” link for more information. See you next year!

Focus: General Info
Location: Downtown Atlanta

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