Embedded Analytics in the Self- Service BI Enterprise


Production reporting has been around for a long time, but its requirements change as much as
the tech industry itself does. Delivery expectations have shifted from quarterly to hourly, so the
entire business intelligence stack must now be user-driven and flexible. Licensing by number of
users is obsolete, since there is no way to predict who will need the reports or who will create
them. And in the mobile era, sending users to IT for their reports is doomed to failure, and
desktop apps are legacy technology.
If the learning curve for reporting isn’t low, adoption will be. Reporting and analytics must be
embedded inside applications and end-users must be able to use their interfaces not just for
running reports but also for designing them. Highly complex reports shouldn’t take two
expensive developers to build if one single client services person can do it instead.

Organization Type: Business Enterprise
Article Type: Best Practices/Case Study
Industry: Big Data/Mission Critical Services
Focus: General Business
Location: Perimeter
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Bob is a content strategist for Izenda, the leader in embedded Business Intelligence for .NET. He has written extensively about technology industries for digital and print media.

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