Getting Retailers Ready for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


By: Bob Tramontano

“Peak Season,” which starts on the day after U.S. Thanksgiving in November and continues through the winter holidays, is often the most important time of the year for retailers. It’s the time when many of them experience the most profits or even return to profitability.

Today, consumers are more connected than ever with devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops. The concept of digital first, where consumer use of connected devices is ubiquitous, is real and happening NOW.

There’s the physical world that includes ATMs and ITMs and self-checkout systems in banks, stores and restaurants, for example. Then there’s the digital world that includes largely self-services, mobile transactions like depositing checks online or e-commerce applications like ordering dinner while on the go, and NCR understands both. That’s why customers trust us to help them bridge these two worlds.

It’s all thanks to the Internet of Things. Anything with a chip, we can manage. Like we care for hardware we sell to customers, we can remotely care for any device in our customer’s store, whether we sold it or not.

That means there’s no better time for retailers, restaurant owners and financial services providers to experience the benefits of this vast connectivity. For business owners, digital connected services can offer secure insight into how the business is running and protect business continuity with early notice of a potential disruption.

Ensuring the availability of retailers’ checkout systems during this busy time is critical. That’s why we take time to engage with retailers before the business shopping season starts, performing critical, remote diagnostics and tasks that help predict potential incidents and prevent them from disrupting commerce.

The “Black Friday” concept has extended globally. In parts of the Caribbean & Latin America region, for example, shoppers enjoy holiday sales events throughout November – resulting in increased shopper traffic. NCR was there performing preventive maintenance in advance of the peak shopping season and provided enhanced support levels throughout the month of December to support the increased traffic.

In Europe and APAC, retailers have trusted NCR to provide an elevated level of service during their holiday peak leading up to January. This preparation enabled NCR to anticipate retailers’ needs and deliver quality service during their busiest time of year.

As the company that delivered the industry’s first self-checkout systems, we’re uniquely qualified to lead with digital first because we’ve seen around corners and done it before.

And with the number of IP-enabled devices expected to reach 20 billion in 2020*, there is no better time to take advantage of the digital transformation this connected economy produces.

Digital Connected Services addresses four key areas:

  • Monitor – Provides overarching visibility into the full network to predict and detect potential faults;
  • Maintain – Ensures network health using state-of-the-art tools and highly trained, certified experts;
  • Manage – Manages the retail store network with a suite of carefully designed and executed ITIL-based tools;
  • Secure – None of this gets done without making sure that the data that flows through these interconnected networks is protected.

The new, digital connected economy brings with it always-on technology, new consumer services, and business analytics that can enhance the customer experience. To capitalize on all the possibilities, business owners need a plan to monitor, maintain, manage and secure business endpoints successfully, and NCR Digital Connected Services can help.

To learn more, download the white paper.

*Gartner 2017 “Leading the IoT” report

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