Inside Coca-Cola’s Innovation Pipeline: Arctic Coke


This week, Coca-Cola welcomed more than 100 investors to its global headquarters to showcase its latest ingenuity in beverage innovation, food tech and supply chain innovations.

Coke Arctic is one of the tech developments in its innovation pipeline that is currently undergoing test runs in convenience stores across the U.S.

Arctic Coke cooler dispenses perfectly slushy sodas. (Coca-Cola Company)

Arctic Coke cooler dispenses perfectly slushy sodas. (Coca-Cola Company)

This cooler flash freezes a bottle of Coca-Cola, Sprite or another beverage into a slushy through “precision chilling” technology, developed in partnership with former NASA engineers at Supercooler Technologies Inc,. in Orlando, FL.

When you select a drink from the Arctic Coke cooler, the bottle moves onto a platform that sends a chilly vibration through your beverage.  Ice crystals form in an instant with the press of a button.

If proven successful, could this machine and other prototypes like it eliminate the need for ice machines?

James Quincey, CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, demos the Coke Arctic cooler. Watch here:

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