Organizational Change Management in the Planning of Enterprise-Wide Technology Projects






























Change is hard. “Organizational change” is a term that makes many managers cringe, especially those who have been through the gamut and seen how easy it is for projects that require change to outright fail. Their loathing is well founded—recent research by the University of Oxford reported that IT projects typically take longer than planned and cost more, with only 16% of projects hitting their targets.1  The study reports that budgets are being overrun by 18% while delivering 93% of the original specifications for the project; 31% of projects were abandoned; and 54% of projects failed to deliver on the planned-for functionality. A lack of management commitment was cited as the biggest risk to an IT project, followed by confusion over the objectives and a lack of commitment. In other words, resistance to change.

Read the entire white paper here: GSC_OrgChange

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