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Barry C. McCarthy, EVP, Head – Network and Security Solutions at First Data

When did you get in involved with TAG?

In 2010 after the First Data headquarters moved from Denver to Atlanta. I was aware of TAG even in Denver.

What’s the best thing about TAG in your opinion?

The scale, scope and reach of the organization is unparalleled in the US. 30K members!

What does your organization do?

We power the global commerce ecosystem. We help merchants accept credit and debit cards, and help Financial institutions issue those cards. We are the largest processor in the world, processing more than $1.7 trillion in annual transaction volume.

How big is your operation in Georgia?

We have three facilities here in GA, with more than 1500 people.

What do you do at your organization?

I run one of three operating units in the company, called Network and Security Solutions (NSS). NSS is a $1.5B annual business that is the fastest growing and highest margin business in the company. I report directly to our CEO, Frank Bisignano and serve on the firm’s Management Committee. NSS includes the STAR debit network, Telecheck, prepaid payroll products, store branded prepaid cards (Starbucks, McDonald’s, Walmart are all clients), GYFT mobile application, Transaction Wireless that helps merchants sell digital gift cards. We also do the work to enable ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay and GooglePay.

Why and how did you get started?

I joined First Data in 2004 running product management for one division. I have had multiple successive promotions leading me to this role today.

How do you think Georgia has emerged as a strong player in technology?

Available Talent, Industry Clusters (Atlanta is the hub for payments), Higher Education, Climate, Cost of Living, Eastern Time Zone, Fantastic Airport.

What must Georgia do to maintain its momentum in the tech industry?

Increase the pool of available talent, ensure public policy encourages expansion in GA, drive S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) education.

What is your next big project?

Everything mobile and omni-channel.

Name one thing that people would be surprised to know about you.

I have moved 13 times since college.


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