Savannah Distillery Showcases History in 360 Degrees




Ghost Coast Distillery Tour illustration by Davin Gerber

Patrons of the Ghost Coast Distillery can explore the richness of Savannah’s 300 year history via mixed reality: A fully immersive, 360 degree experience transforms the space into a moving history of Savannah, transporting guests through Savannah’s past with images canvassed on the four walls and display screens that highlight key moments throughout multiple Prohibitions, including the first reading of the Declaration of Independence in Georgia, Irish initiating Southern moonshining, and more.

Local UI/UX designer Davin Gerber helped design and develop the tour, providing concept illustrations and art direction.

Located in West Downtown Savannah, Ghost Coast Distillery embraces the Hostess City’s spirited and storied history – one of indulgence, light-hearted mischief, and jubilation. It’s the first distillery in Savannah in over 260 years!

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