Swipe Right: 8 Ways to Find Your Product Potential Users


This article was featured in Website Magazine on 5/29/2015

If your product were to go speed-dating, what’s the first thing it would say to the person across the table? If it had a Tinder profile, would your landing page make a potential date swipe right?

The main thing your prospective user needs to understand first is your value proposition. This is a clear, simple quick-pitch detailing what makes your product unique, best written in no more than 2 sentences that takes a user about 5 seconds to read and understand.

This article shares perspective on getting your next digital product all the dates — ok, users — it can manage covering details like:
best practices for landing pages and value propositions
on-boarding and registration must-dos
ensuring new users a killer path to conversion

Organization Type: Business Enterprise
Article Type: Best Practices/Case Study
Industry: Interactive Marketing
Focus: General Business
Location: Midtown Atlanta
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