TAG 2018 Annual Summit Shows How Technologies Let You Put Customers First


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The Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) Annual Technology Summit, Fueling the Innovation Economy: What’s Now and Next, was a great opportunity to engage with more than 1,000 technology leaders. It’s exciting to hear the conversation transition from visions of coming-of-age technologies in action, to actual, live use cases in play in dozens of businesses across the state. We live in exciting, historic times, and it is still “TBD” how technologies will revolutionize businesses in every industry.

What we now see is that technologies are transforming companies from “vendors” into “innovators.” The savvy players are leveraging technology – first – to better understand their customers and – secondly – to deliver new products and services in original ways.

One thing’s for sure: emerging technologies will turn businesses of all kinds on their heads. TELAID shares its top three key insights/recommendations from the event that can help you steer your organization to a brighter, more competitive future.

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