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In just 4 months, 9 retailers have filed for bankruptcy and/or massive store closings. Why does it seem that retail is crumbling? Was Amazon and online retail the reason?  What retailers are getting it right?

Headshot - Georgina Nelson

Georgina Nelson, founder & CEO, TruRating

In this episode, Georgina Nelson, founder and CEO of TruRating, discusses the rise of customer experience as a factor disrupting the retail industry, with host Frank Baia of Globalspeak:

“It’s essential that retailers create a memorable experience for their consumers…it’s not about how many dollars you’re going to make per square foot anymore; it’s more about what kind of unique, exciting  experience you can make part of that purchase journey, looking to engage from the moment a consumer begins to touch your brand.”

Tune in here: http://tagtvonline.com/tag-radio-network/tech-talk/viewvideo/2289/tech-talk/georgina-nelson-trurating-founder-and-ceo-with-host-globalspeak-president-frank-baia

About TruRating

TruRating is on a mission to bring the truth back to customer ratings. Its innovative feedback solution is set to affect the lives of millions the world over, changing the way that businesses, and consumers, think. How? TruRating takes the pulse of consumer sentiment via the payment terminal—asking each customer to anonymously rate an aspect of their experience on the keypad from 0-9. Using hardware that’s already sitting in shops and restaurants around the globe, and that customers already interact with right at the point of payment, TruRating is making it easier than ever for every consumer to have a say. As a result, on average, 88% of us are rating when asked a question. For the first time, businesses are benefiting from mass, validated, representative feedback daily.

TruRating is a global, rapidly scaling tech startup with multi-award winning, game-changing, patented-applied-for technology. Working with the biggest payment companies in the world, its customers range from the largest global retailers to local restaurants and bookshops.


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