TAG Radio: “We must make sure that we recognize the unsung heroes, movers and shakers in the tech space”


Diversity and inclusion are themes that people are passionate about, and something that the tech community in large should advocate for.

In this episode, our guest Jacque Rushin  discusses the importance of celebrating and promoting inclusion in Georgia’s tech ecosystem, and tees up the 7th Annual TAG Diversity Awards, which were held at the Morehouse School of Medicine, Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

Jacqueline Rushin, Head of Operations, Qmatic - U.S.

Jacqueline Rushin, Head of Operations, Qmatic – U.S.

As a society we can do anything when we work together, but when we leave out parts of who we are, we limit our potential. Historically, when you look at success in the tech industry, it is built on the brilliance of people from a variety of diverse backgrounds…The underlying goals of organizations like TAG HR & Diversity and WIT (Women in Technology), is to model the way to make sure that the message of inclusion is at the forefront, to remove biases of gender, race, etc.”

Jacqueline Rushin is Vice President of North American Operations at Atlanta-based Qmatic, provider of Queue Management Systems & Customer Journey Solutions. Jacque serves on the TAG Board of Directors and is the Co-Chair of the TAG HR and Diversity Society.  

Tune in here: http://tagtvonline.com/tag-radio-network/tech-talk/viewvideo/2333/tech-talk/jacqueline-rushin-qmatic-vp-of-north-american-operations-host-globalspeak-president-frank-baia

About TAG HR & Diversity 

TAG Human Resources and Diversity has the mission to assist professionals within technology and tech-driven companies with the development and management of their human resources and diversity initiatives, and to increase awareness regarding the positive impact on business goals when diversity is leveraged within organizations. We understand all companies are different, with workplaces experiencing wide varieties and varying degrees of cultural, ethnic, generational, gender and lifestyle influences; it takes many ingredients to make a successful organization and we focus on the positive interaction that takes place with HR and Diversity.


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