TAG RADIO: “We need to protect data from its origin throughout its entire lifecycle, and data does not sit still.”


What are some of most pressing cybersecurity topics facing us today? How exactly do data breaches occur? In light of recent cyber attacks, what are best practices for your business or organization?

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Robert Ball III, Chief Business Development Officer & General Counsel, Ionic Security

In this episode, Robert Ball III, chief business development officer and general counsel at Ionic Security, discusses the essential nature and the development of Georgia’s cybersecurity industry, and the current focus of the National Technology Security Coalition.

Tradition protection of data has come from the perimeter, where you have “walls” and “moats” between you and the outside world. The key is you have to protect the data itself, and data does not sit still. It exists in many forms: in structured databases, and in unstructured forms like Word and PDF documents, that get shared and distributed. There was a need to find a way to protect this data from the point of creation throughout its entire life cycle, and to manage who can access it.

Large financial institutions, healthcare providers, and other regulated industries have these crown jewels as their data, and they simply cannot be compromised.

The NTSC has really become one of the premier advocacy voices for chief information security officers. The D.C. Fly-In was very effective, talking with legislators about issues that are right at the forefront for CISOs everywhere, especially national data breach notification legislation. There are 48 separate state laws to cover what to do in event of a data breach; it takes more time to figure out how to comply than to resolve the breach itself.



About the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC)

The National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that serves as the preeminent advocacy voice for CISOs. Through dialogue, education, and government relations, we unite both public and private sector stakeholders around policies that improve national cybersecurity standards and awareness.

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