Testing for Internet Of Things (IoT) – How is it Different?


Internet in today’s world has become ‘the’ necessity, rather it’s a commodity. It has transformed its usage from our mobile phones, tablets, laptops to our day to day home appliances and utilities. These devices are now being termed as ‘Smart’. The human experience, has thus, become one of the major point of focus in terms of proving whether these devices are actually smart, intelligent, and user friendly.

With the growing use of smart phones and other ‘smart’ devices, we are getting closer to technology every day. So, what is making these devices smart and Intelligent? Well, it’s the ‘Internet’. Hence Technology is slowly becoming part of ‘us’.

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Sunil Sehgal

Sunil Sehgal is the Managing Partner of TechArcis Solutions, we are a 100% dedicated QA and Testing company headquartered in the USA with global presence. Our objective is to address all of your QA and testing needs, deliver testing transformation, and assure continuous improvements. Sunil is an expert in Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions, with a focus on transformation programs. He has over 20 years of experience in business leadership, technology initiatives and strategic programs and has held senior level positions at IBM, Wipro, NCR, Teradata, and Nortel Networks. He has lived and worked in India, Singapore and USA. He can be reached at sunil.sehgal@techarcis.com

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