Tips to maximize your mobile app testing coverage


How to prioritize your testing focus for best results with limited resources

The speed of mobile app development is accelerating as companies compete to hit the market first with new ideas and innovations. While the shift to continuous delivery means that new features and bug fixes roll out faster than ever before, it has also precipitated a rise in the number of defects found in live software. There’s a real risk that mobile apps are being shipped too early or without adequate test coverage.

Around 75% of mobile apps ship with between 1 and 10 defects in them, and 20% average between 11 and 50 defects, according to a survey by Evans Data. There’s an expectation that bug fixes will follow in patches, with a third of developers pushing them out weekly, and 80% releasing patches at least monthly. The problem with this, is that customers are finding the defects first before the developer. A survey by Perfecto Mobile found that 44% of defects are found by a customer.

Consider that app abandonment rates are at 25%, according to Localytics, and you can see the potential risk. A full quarter of users open an app once and never return to it again. Encountering a defect could be enough to turn them off your mobile app for good. So, what can you do about it?

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