U.S. News & World Report: Data Security Relies on Georgia




Did you know that Georgia is a superhighway of online data? Not only is Georgia the financial technology hub of America, with 70% of all payments transactions processed in Atlanta and Columbus, but the Peach State serves as an telecommunications access point for the Southeast U.S., the Caribbean, and parts of South America. The need to address and resolve the cybersecurity workforce gap has never been so strong.

Adina Solomon, contributor for U.S. News and World Report, writes about Georgia’s initiatives to become a cybersecurity hub, including the Georgia Cyber Innovation and Training Center in Augusta, and developments fostering collaboration between academia, tech talent, and the budding cyber industry.

“There’s very strong connections here in Georgia,” says Marci McCarthy, president of T.E.N, citing the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) among proponents of Georgia’s info security sector. “My company was started here. We were able to build the foundation that we needed to do that, to do it on a national and North American scale.”

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