Why Manufacturing in China May Still be Your Best Outsourcing Option


Many U.S. companies that outsource manufacturing to China have feared that China’s ongoing move from a “developing” to a “developed” country would result in a less favorable manufacturing environment. This spurns the question, “Is it time to move manufacturing out of China?”

China’s economic rise has been one of the great dramas over the last few decades. Since Deng Xiaoping inaugurated a series of sweeping reforms in 1979, China’s share of global GDP has risen from two percent to more than 16 percent.1 This incredible rise was largely built on the backs of foreign inbound investment into China – much of it from the United States. Ask any U.S. company that outsourced their manufacturing operations to China in the early years and you will undoubtedly hear enough horror stories to fill a novel. Most of them stayed in China, however, and over time the majority of U.S. Fortune 2000 companies followed suit.

In this article, we examine three key reasons why China remains a viable option for U.S. investment over other Asian countries. Read more: http://bit.ly/DHG_Mfg-in-China

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