Abel Solutions Debuts BANKER|share Information and Process Management Solution for Financial Institutions




ATLANTA, GA — July 12, 2018 — Abel Solutions, the southeast’s only firm delivering value-focused workflow and process efficiency accelerators for the SharePoint platform, today announced the debut of BANKER|share. With this broad-scale solution, financial institutions can automate their workflows, processes and information streams, delivering operational excellence—and boosting revenue. BANKER|share is the latest entrant in a collection of Abel Solutions-developed business accelerators that target high-volume, process-intensive industries including finance, real estate and others.

“Financial institutions generally offer a varied array of products and instruments, resulting in complex, sometimes convoluted structures for information processing and movement. Exacerbating the issue, their branches are often dispersed across a wide geographic area, serving customers large and small in a broad range of industries,” said David Hammond, president of Abel Solutions.

“Without a cohesive workflow solution, the result is a web of disconnected solutions—branches can’t interact and exchange information effectively with each other, and the home office operations team doesn’t have oversight of branch activities, impeding operating efficiency and potentially customer service,” continued Hammond.

“BANKER|share was developed specifically to address these shortcomings. It breaks down information barriers created by disconnected systems and legacy, manual processes, creating a unified environment for seamless information management and decision making across the entire branch network.”

Highlights of BANKER|share include:
• Automated tracking of currency transaction reporting (CTR);
• Management of account closing process workflows, including tracked notifications, with comprehensive dashboards and reports, and tasks assignments;
• Synchronized, streamlined loan processing, maintenance and oversight;
• Fraud incident tracking from identification to case closure;
• Logging and verification of monetary instruments sales.
• Tracking of tellers’ over/short triggers notifications if over $100; Deposit Operations can research transactions and provide daily resolution for each teller discrepancy.
“Abel Solutions has long been a leader in maximizing business value for its customers with targeted solutions supported by the robust information security and management features of the SharePoint platform,” said Hammond. “With BANKER|share, we have provided institutions and their personnel with sweeping control of—and visibility into—essential financial operating processes.”

For each of its accelerators, Abel Solutions experts map the industry’s workflow and processes to identify not only the pain points that impede productivity but also commonly missed opportunities for streamlined connectivity and collaboration. Then, they develop solutions that address these concerns on both strategic and tactical levels, from generating highly intuitive and functional dashboards, reports and interdepartmental workflows to automating the creation, tracking and management of tasks, information requests, and more.

About Abel Solutions

For more than two decades, clients have trusted Abel Solutions to help them reduce the cost, risk and implementation time associated with solving their most critical business IT and collaboration challenges. Abel Solutions helps firms achieve powerful business improvement, from document management and workflow-enabled SharePoint solutions to the enablement of unique applications, technology planning and support, and a wide array of associated IT services. Abel Solutions growing list of industry-specific solutions offer pre-designed collaboration frameworks that shrink implementation time and cost. As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner focused on improving business productivity, Abel Solutions also offers services that help firms achieve better IT cost control. For more information about Abel Solutions, visit www.abelsolutions.com.



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