Abel Solutions Launches Into Its Next 25 Years With a Modernized Approach to Excellence

ALPHARETTA, GA, April 9, 2019 — After celebrating its 25th Anniversary on February 14, 2019, Abel Solutions, Atlanta’s premier consulting firm helping customers achieve business excellence, is powering into its next 25 years of innovation. Underpinned by a full complement of service offerings and supported by a refreshed website, Abel Solutions will be focused on providing an ecosystem of support to help customers increase their productivity, profitability, and competitive leadership.

“The digital transformation that has revolutionized business is no longer a vision of the future—it is the reality of now,” said Abel Solutions President David Hammond. “Yet, devoid of personalized expertise to navigate this new reality, organizations cannot reap full value from it. Abel Solutions has always focused on providing clients with that level of attention.”

At the heart of Abel Solutions’ business lies its services offerings:

Business Strategy: Using a disciplined and deliberative focus, assist partners in developing fundamental strategic decisions.

Business Processes: Lead corporate stakeholders through a methodical, three-part process focusing on analysis, alignment, and improvement to maximize business value.

Portals and Collaboration: Evaluate corporate goals and implement the recommended targeted knowledge-sharing solutions, resulting in secure document access, team communication and collaboration, and operating efficiency.

Business Applications: Leveraging our collaborative best practices, produce solutions focused on enabling the organization to achieve automation and a user-centered experience.

Insights and Analytics: Engage with organizations to modernize enterprise data to allow for a more interactive and visual experience and support more informed decision making.
Infrastructure: Applying our teams’ expertise in both cloud and on-premises environments, help strategize and execute deployments, migrations, upgrades as well as Managed IT services.

“Abel Solutions has evolved over its 25 years in business, refining our consultative services to address customers’ strategic business shifts while growing with technology to support their changing requirements,” said Hammond. “Today, we are a team of collaborative professionals dedicated to helping clients drive real business value through innovation. Abel Solutions’ achievement is built on helping its clients succeed.”

About Abel Solutions
For 25 years, Abel Solutions has focused on helping our customers develop and deploy solutions that deliver Business Excellence in terms of profitability, productivity, and competitive leadership. We believe that the most effective solutions are those that leverage and combine a customer’s current strengths and assets with new people, process, and technology capabilities to accomplish business goals. Our consultants have the knowledge, experience, and tools to deliver a portfolio of services including business strategy, collaboration solutions, dashboards and analytics, and managed cloud and IT services. To learn more about partnering with Abel Solutions, go to www.abelsolutions.com.



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