AcivilateTM, Introduces its New, Social Services Collaborative Platform for More Successful and Safer Reentry for Returning Citizens

ATLANTA–August 5, 2015 –AcivilateTM introduces its unique mobile accountability tool for collaborative case management. The company will demonstrate the user experience, designed to help returning citizens succeed while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of social service and Community-Based Organization (CBOs) supports.

The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world1, with high rates of reincarceration and recidivism2. Returning citizens face difficulties accessing, coordinating and managing social service supports and community-based services have not had a way to coordinate across organizational silos. Caseworkers have little visibility to the work of their peers, carry high case loads and are buried in paperwork, leaving little opportunity to plan, recommend and leverage other supports for each client. AcivilateTM puts accountability, information access and control into the hands of returning citizens, empowering them to plan, organize, and record their progress. Their privacy is protected and they are able to share information with those they choose. Supports can be better synchronized and more effective when information is shared and concerns of families, counselors and court systems can be addressed. Additionally, the AcivilateTM platform collects cross boundary, de-identified data so policy makers will be better informed to make evidence-based decisions. Everyone can work together to support individuals and ensure better outcomes for all.

The AcivilateTM platform enables unprecedented coordination of social services, giving case managers broad context of the client, enabling them to celebrate progress and when necessary, proactively intervene to avoid failure.

“Incarcerated people, veterans, domestic violence victims, foster parents and young people aging out of the foster care system experience similar challenges in navigating stressful life transitions,” said AcivilateTM CEO, Louise Wasilewski. “We combine technology, psychology and compassion to help build bridges, connect and collaborate so individuals and communities can experience better outcomes. When we empower these citizens to help manage their individual pathways to self-sufficiency, we will all enjoy healthier and safer communities.”

This secure platform provides benefits to all participants and stakeholders. It includes an easy-to-use application that uniquely empowers returning citizens, enabling them to access supports, maintain relationships with case managers, organize their lives and comply with reporting obligations. CBOs can continue their good work and achieve better outcomes through synchronizing services. Case managers’ administrative burdens will be reduced, more time can be spent helping clients succeed and case manager turnover may be reduced. Policy makers will appreciate that services can be streamlined and duplication eliminated, reducing waste and unnecessary cost.

AcivilateTM is an emerging growth company,, a graduate of the Flashpoint at Georgia Tech business accelerator, a Delaware C Corporation, DUNS: 079504265. The company is offering an early access program to qualifying jurisdictions. Three communities will gain preferential terms and the opportunity to influence early releases. Interested parties may register for program consideration or to schedule a demonstration on the company website.

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