Adtech Global Announces Expanded Feature Set within Support Offerings

Alpharetta, Ga. (November 12th, 2015) — Today, Adtech Global introduced new features available to contact center hardware and software support customers worldwide. Historically, Adtech Global’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) has only been accessible via phone and email. Now, customers can access via a web portal with the ability to submit, update and view history of tickets.

“The changes to our support offerings were made to meet our customer’s dynamic needs and to ensure Adtech Global is accessible via new technology mediums,” said Andy Tourville, Director, Technical Assistance Center, Adtech Global. “Whether seeking hardware or software support, our team is more reachable than ever and able to help our customers get the most out of their solution.”

All customers can access tier 1-3 levels of support via the new portal, email and phone. As an entry point for support, customers 24x7x365 can communicate to technicians and reap the benefits from Adtech Global’s continuous improvement efforts.

“Our goal is to empower our customers to stay focused on their business by providing ongoing support and customer care,” said Ric Gray, President, Adtech Global. “We strive to be a continuous part of the success of each implementation, as well as the ongoing use of the solution through our support and services.”

Uniquely, Adtech Global offers several services complementary to traditional support: Global Monitor, an intelligent alarming service that verifies and monitors your Workforce Optimization applications, cutover support offering post-implementation handover to the support team and go live at customer request and first business day support providing a technical resource, with prior knowledge of the customers system, on call during the first live business day for rapid problem resolution.

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