Advanced Control Systems™ Ships the World’s Largest Advanced Distribution Management System

ATLANTA, GA— Semptember 14, 2016— This is another ACS first, and a first in the energy industry, where a turnkey ACS PRISM™ system, designed with new full SCADA, DMS and OMS functionality, is installed in a purpose-built advanced control center, and communication system. This state-of-the art system with a full backup site is architected as an integrated multi-node networked system which includes topology processing/network colorization, three-phase unbalanced distribution load flow, fault detection isolation and restoration (FDIR), integrated Volt/VAR control (IVVC), intelligent switch order creation, and load forecasting with integrated OMS, GridVu™ system visualization.

“We are proud to deliver such an Advanced Control System that has been designed, developed and tested in the United States with a team of the best and brightest U.S. developers and engineers. The rich functionality provided with ACS’s PRISM system forms the basis of a “smart grid” infrastructure that will ensure that new requirements and consumer growth can be managed well into the future,” said ACS CEO Kevin Sullivan.

The utility benefits include more than just automating the 11 kV distribution network to ensure uninterrupted power supply. ACS designed, field-tested and implemented innovative technology which will minimize sustained outages, increase energy sales, improve the reliability of power supply, enhance the quality of service and, most important to the utility–improve customer satisfaction.

According to ACS Chief Technology Officer Gary Ockwell, “The PRISM system will integrate all IT related activities into a single ADMS while optimizing network visualization and control.”

Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly, MBA, Director of Marketing for Advanced Control Systems, leads 'teaming for success' in marketing ACS technology, helping utilities build the next-generation grid for reliable, secure and efficient power delivery as Marketing Director. She has an eye for solving business problems while tracking down answers. She builds traction with her ad agency creativity combined with B2C/B2B marketing expertise for targeted, award-winning campaigns nationally & globally. Her 15 years marketing to/for utilities globally; launching new high technology with corporate leadership (while teaching marketing to B.S./M.B.A. candidates) optimize her skills for success as a team player and marketing expert. Her background includes PR, integrated marketing, research analysis, writing, speaking, social media and the ability to manage multiple projects on time/on budget. She is respected as a strategic leader, an international trail-blazer who gets the job done with results-driven passion in: ~Digital marketing/integrated marketing communications for Strategic Product Launches, Industry & User Group Event/Conference management in B2C/B2B target markets, using monitoring & tracking ~Global Public Relations & Analyst Relations & Advertising Agency experience for such companies as Dell Computer, Dentsu of Japan, Schlumberger; ~Branding: innovative broad & proposal-targeted, customer-centric sales tools; social media; Cultural/language translations for motivational campaigns, executive strategic leadership for Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions. ~Crafting & timing competitive message: press conferences, press relations and one-on-one interviews ~Leading Quality Black-Belt Seminars, Workshops, Conference Training & Leadership Coaching ~Market Research, Competitive & International Industry Specific Intelligence ~Speaking on Agile International Marketing, Ethics, Mentoring, i.e.Women's Organizations ~Strategic Planning/anecdotal-qualitative: Product Life-Cycle; Research/Project Management ~Crisis Management, Mediation/Negotiation implementation, roles & responsibilities

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