Another Police Department to Deploy Utility’s BodyWorn™ as its Exclusive Body Camera Solution


ATLANTA, GA– August 22, 2016– Utility, Inc. announced today that the Lawrence Police Department in Indiana will equip its police force with BodyWorn™ body cameras to provide transparency and accountability in police operations. Based in Decatur, GA, Utility is the developer of BodyWorn™ which offers the only recording solution with policy-based recording. The Lawrence Police Department will also install Utility’s Rocket IoT™ in-vehicle recording and communication system in each of its patrol cars. Body camera and in-vehicle camera recording will be integrated into one comprehensive video management system.

The Lawrence Police Department purchased 44 BodyWorn™ body cameras and 44 Rocket IoT™ devices. This dual-technology solution enables body and in-vehicle cameras to work in tandem so the Department does not have to manage the complexities and costs of two separate video systems.  Video of the steering wheel while the Officer is driving does not have to be stored.  The Wi-Fi network provides real-time communication between all in-car and BodyWorn™ cameras in and around the police car. The officer’s BodyWorn™ camera will automatically begin recording when the officer leaves the vehicle. All video is synchronized so multiple views can be played side-by-side to provide full situational awareness.

“Our mission is to provide technology to police departments that improves trust and helps keep officers safe,” said Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility. “The last thing we want to do is burden officers with having to remember to press a manual recording start button when responding to a situation. The technology should do that for them to the maximum extent possible.”

The Lawrence Police Department expects full implementation to be completed by the end of September 2016.

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About BodyWorn™
BodyWorn™ incorporates real-time communications for the best situational awareness possible during the most critical times.  Unlike Generation 1 body cameras, BodyWorn™ has automatic recording triggers based upon department policies, officer down emergency reporting, live video streaming, and secure automatic wireless video upload to cloud storage. BodyWorn™ video, audio and metadata can be accessed through its cloud-based digital evidence management solution AVaiL Web™.  All of Utility’s recording solutions, including Rocket IoT™ in-car video system, leverage Amazon Web Services cloud processing and storage.

About Smart Redaction™
Utility’s unique Smart Redaction™ is included as part of the overall video management software solution.  Video can be redacted quickly and at low cost to protect citizen and police officer privacy while increasing transparency and accountability.

About Utility 
Utility is a venture-capital funded company headquartered in Decatur, Georgia (metro Atlanta).  The company was founded in 2001, developing software for mission-critical field-work force operations for the electric and gas industries. This software evolved into AVaiL Web, Utility’s premiere SaaS solution. The company also provides Mission Critical Communications and Real-Time Situational Awareness, through their Rocket IoT™ vehicle video routers, and BodyWorn™ video systems for Police, Fire, EMS, Electric and Gas Utility, and Public Transit customers across the US. Utility provides a unified operating platform for safely locating, tracking and supporting all aspects of mobile field operations. AVaiL Web delivers real-time access to virtually any mobile asset, and provides a cost-effective, enterprise-wide view of the location and status of mobile field operations. Utility owns US patents 6,831,556; 7,768,548; 8,781,475; 9,246,898; 9,282,495 and has numerous patents pending with the US Patent Office, the Canadian Patent Office, and the European Union Patent Office.

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