Atlanta’s StudentBridge™ Announces Acquisition of Campus Bubble™


ATLANTA, GA– July 27, 2016– StudentBridge, an Atlanta-based company specializing in the production of high-end multimedia packages and virtual tours of college campuses recently announced the acquisition of Campus Bubble, creator of a proprietary cross-platform social networking application that maximizes student engagement during the college application process. The two companies joined forces with their core product offerings to create a powerful multimedia admissions platform slated to change the landscape of college admissions by strategically matching the right students with the right schools.

For more than a decade, StudentBridge has been creating online emotional experiences for college applicants that showcase the true culture and feel of a campus. Short and impactful videos, branded school information, slides and virtual tours packaged and delivered on the college or university’s website allow prospective students to be virtually transported to campuses nationwide. This unique experience has proven successful in helping colleges such as Boston University, LSU, Georgia State University, and more than 100 others increase inquiries and applications, convert online browsers into in-person visitors, and ultimately, enroll students who stay.

The addition of Campus Bubble’s technology into the StudentBridge suite of solutions takes the user experience to an entirely new level of personalization and engagement, especially popular with GenZ. Students will be driven to their own personalized websites, delivering content specific to their interests. Once accepted, they will also receive an invitation to The Bubble, a private social network exclusive to a particular school. In The Bubble, students make friends, explore campus life, and build a sense of belonging to make the emotional decision to enroll.

On the client side, the Insight Dashboard will provide a powerful analytics and an enrollment score for each student, allowing schools to focus their high-touch enrollment efforts on the students who express the most interest, increasing college yield and reducing melt. In total, the StudentBridge experience and the Campus Bubble experience will now offer higher education institutions a controlled way to guide students through the entire admissions process, from recruitment until enrollment.

StudentBridge Founder and Vice-Chairman, Jonathan Clues, said the recent acquisition is the result of Campus Bubble sharing StudentBridge’s commitment to the future of young people by creating an unmatched user experience combining world-class technology with engaging video. “We first met the Campus Bubble team in 2015 and were immediately impressed by their passion for helping the industry, as well as their technology. In addition to being technically robust, it was clear that they designed their platform with student engagement top of mind,” says Clues.

The admissions and campus life solutions products offered by Campus Bubble are the only integrated products on the market that address both enrollment yield and first-year student engagement. Adding these features to an already successful StudentBridge model was something founder and CEO of Campus Bubble, Spencer Barkoff, says was a natural fit for the company.

“Becoming a part of an established thought leader like StudentBridge will allow us to continue to add more value to our university partners across the entire student life cycle,” he says. “Campus Bubble’s Student First solution coupled with powerful lead scoring analytics further enhances our partners’ ability to focus high-touch enrollment efforts on the right students. Together, we will have a real impact helping universities across the country with their enrollment strategy to provide new ways for them to connect with digital natives.”

In addition to creating a specialized social community for students and actionable data for admissions departments, both Clues and Barkoff believe the new StudentBridge platform will become a valuable asset in helping to solve the larger national issue of student attrition and a trillion-dollar student debt crisis caused by students making the wrong choices and leaving school before graduation.

The ultimate goal of StudentBridge, says Clues, is to rebuild a broken system by creating a better student/college fit. “We need to convert visitors into applicants, drive in-person visits, retain students, and ultimately shape the talent pool to keep the right students at the right institutions and keep our higher education institutions thriving.”

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For additional information about StudentBridge and Campus Bubble or to schedule an interview with Jonathan Clues, contact Adina Kalish at 404.425.0306 or email

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