Australian FinTech Company Selects Atlanta for Its Americas HQ


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA– April 13, 16– VIX Verify, a global consumer on-boarding and identity verification solutions company, announces its selection of Atlanta’s Transaction Alley as the home for its “Americas” headquarters.

The company was founded in Australia in 2008 and has since become one of the leading FinTech service companies to Australian financial institutions, and more than 300 businesses in New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Africa, and now the United States, Canada, Central and South America.

The SaaS-based end-to-end identity solution helps financial institutions, payments processing, and P2P sharing companies, and other similar organizations to conveniently on-board new consumers while seamlessly ensuring that rigorous compliance and data privacy regulations are met. The solution, known as greenIDTM, integrates numerous identity verification applications including data, documents, biometrics, and device location through a flexible multi-channel platform. Customers have the option of simply selecting which combination of identity verification solutions are needed depending on their risk requirements, regulatory compliance rules, and geographic location. Importantly, VIX Verify and their greenIDTM product increases transparency and accountability when initiating financial transactions, which reduces fraud, money laundering, and bad actors from moving money around the world as recently reported in the “Panama Papers.”

The launch of VIX Verify’s new Transaction Alley headquarters comes with U.S. based momentum for the company, having been selected to present greenIDTM at numerous FinTech conferences, including FinDEVr (New York) and FinovateSpring (San Jose) in the coming weeks. The company seeks to continue with strong regional growth in 2016, expansion of product capabilities, and the possible addition of innovation centers beyond Australia and South Africa.

“Our solution will help billions of people around the world to economically benefit by participating in financial ecosystems as easily as possible, while reducing the risks for financial institutions,” said Marco Piovesan, VIX Verify General Manager. “We selected Atlanta as our Americas hub because of its global leading concentration of successful payment processing, credit bureau and data companies, financial institution influence and exciting FinTech software companies – and the collaborative community, talent, economic vibrancy and ‘let’s do it’ attitude.”

Atlanta is home to more than 90 FinTech companies, employing 30,000-plus people, and accounting for $30 billion in revenue. Georgia’s “Transaction Alley” is generally known for more-traditional payments processing companies but initiatives like the Atlanta FinTech Task Force are intended to recruit cutting edge software companies like VIX Verify to ensure the region remains competitive in this increasingly global and integrated sector.

VIX Verify is a global leader in online identity verification solutions.

Through our award winning greenID™ platform we provide clients worldwide with the most trusted, convenient and compliant combination of consumer onboarding and identity verification solutions.

greenID™ is a SaaS based end-to-end identity solution integrating comprehensive global data coverage, sanctions and PEP lists, document and biometric verification delivered via a flexible multi-channel platform. Businesses trust greenID™ to provide frictionless consumer onboarding, to develop trusted digital identities and to comply with regulatory standards.

About VIX Verify

VIX Verify’s greenID™ enables businesses to easily validate the identity of their consumers, in real-time, during the onboarding process. greenID™ is integrated seamlessly into any digital channel, including mobile, desktop, point-of-sale and back-office. greenID™  establishes verified and trusted relationships which meet  KYC standards, AML (Anti-Money Laundering)/ CTF (Counter-terrorism Funding) obligations, in-country laws and supports business risk mitigation and fraud prevention strategies.

VIX Verify operates globally including: Australia (trading as Edentiti), New Zealand (trading as Edentiti), Asia, USA, and Europe. Learn more at

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