Columbus and App Developer Piper Launch “Safe City” Initiative


COLUMBUS, GA– December 17, 2015– San Diego-based app developer Piper announced the launch of “Columbus Safe City” initiative in Columbus, GA. The program is an  initiative supported by the Columbus GA Consolidated Government and its associated departments to help make the city’s trails and high traffic areas both more engaging and safer for the citizens. When users get near one of the beacons, they get messages about points of interest, fitness and health tips, promotion of some of the cities attractions, and an easy way to report Safety Concerns.

Citizens can report safetPiper+Safe+Cities+++Beacons.pngy concerns to the authorities, by tapping the Safe City avatar, which will bring up an option to call or text the local police. The nearest beacon number will be listed on the screen which gets shared to help pinpoint the location of interest. Using this information, first responders can be deployed more rapidly and accurately.

Piper is a proximity-based Bluetooth messaging system that uses iBeacon technology to send messages to users’ phones that have downloaded the free iOS or Android Piper app. Piper has installed over a 1,000 beacons in Columbus with over 75 businesses and organizations on the local network, including early adopters like McDonald’s, Nissan, and many local retailers pushing messages that include simple text notifications, Piper-only specials, photos, videos, links to websites or social media, and even in some instances Apple Passes.  In doing so, Columbus, GA has become the world’s first, and most fully connected, iBeacon city.

Learn more about the “Columbus Safe City” initiative at:

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