DataPath® Acquires Technology License to Manufacture Secure Networking Products from MissionMobility®

(Duluth, GA and Chesapeake, VA – May, 20, 2015 )–DataPath, Inc. a leading provider of remote field communications and information technology solutions to the aerospace, government, broadcast, and infrastructure markets announced today that it has entered into an exclusive technology licensing agreement with MissionMobility, a leading provider of baseband communication solutions. Under the new agreement, DataPath will manufacture certain MissionMobility mobile networking products, as well as develop new products based on MissionMobility technology. DataPath will also become an additional authorized service and warranty repair center for MissionMobility products.

DataPath and MissionMobility provide complementary products and services designed specifically for remote and harsh operating environments that, when combined, enable significant added value for their customers. DataPath’s remote communications solutions include the high-performance CommuniCase® (CCT) range of portable satellite terminals, MaxView® end-to-end network management and control software suite, and large-scale custom remote communications systems for both transportable and fixed satellite networks.

MissionMobility’s secure “tactical edge” networking products under this licensing agreement include the popular Endeavor, NOMAD, and WolfPack lines, designed to provide secure communications capabilities for mobile and forward deployed personnel. By combining both companies’ product lines, DataPath will enable teams of tactical military users, first responders, oil and gas operators, and broadcasters to have a highly mobile, integrated networking solution optimized for multimodal connectivity over satellite, wireless, or fixed communications.

“Over the past year, DataPath has re-emerged as an independently owned company and re-established a leadership position in remote communications solutions for government, broadcast and industrial applications,” said David Myers, President and CEO of DataPath. “Today, we reinforced our commitment to innovate new solutions that offer our clients expanded access to high-performance, secure and highly reliable communications in virtually any situation or location.”

DataPath has extensive ISO certified manufacturing capabilities in its Duluth, Georgia facility. The company will use its expertise in manufacturing custom satellite systems to develop a new tightly integrated complete communications solution with the addition of MissionMobility’s mobile networking product line. As an authorized service and warranty repair center for MissionMobility products, DataPath will leverage its professional services expertise in the field, network operations center (NOC), cyber security services, and 24/7 technical support and incident response to support MissionMobility products worldwide.

“DataPath and MissionMobility have worked well together on a number of customer-specific projects over the years. By formalizing this new technology licensing agreement, our mutual customers will now have more avenues to both obtain and support end-to-end remote secure communications solutions,” said Mike Smack, President and CEO of MissionMobility. “We are excited about the future opportunities of this collaboration and look forward to continued integration with DataPath. ”

This collaboration with DataPath is part of MissionMobility’s ongoing strategic plan to reach new markets with its products.  Through DataPath’s wide reach, MissionMobility will gain access to new customer segments around the globe. The integration of capabilities between these two companies will provide leading-edge communication solutions for military, commercial, and humanitarian organizations worldwide. As customer needs evolve, MissionMobility and its partners will evolve with them delivering creative, effective communication solutions to enhance global operations and better serve the highly mobile end user.

About DataPath® Inc.

In remote and high-risk operating environments, dependable real-time communications are critical to situational awareness and mission success. DataPath specializes in advanced communications solutions tailored to the unique requirements of aerospace, broadcast, government, and infrastructure clients. Our solutions include a range of both custom and commercial off-the-shelf field communications and information technology products, including satellite communication systems, MaxView network management software, and cyber security services. All of our offerings are backed by 24×7 customer care and global field support. At DataPath we are passionate about helping our clients achieve mission success. For more information, visit

About MissionMobility

For more than a decade, MissionMobility has participated in development of tactical edge networking.  In the early 2000s in concert with Joint Forces Command, the company integrated the latest network technologies into terrestrial and airborne flyaway communication suites to enhance joint operations for the Combatant Commanders. Today, MissionMobility supports deployable small to medium tactical and GO/VIP teams by ensuring “mobile comms at the edge of the mission.”  By developing and delivering trusted products that provide secure, optimized end-to-end networks, MissionMobility supports operations in the harshest environments, where power and bandwidth is often at a premium, for users who do not need to be networking experts.  For more information, visit

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