FamTeck Announces Instance Resolve: An Application for Trending, Mobility and Reducing System Outages


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FamTeck Announces Instance Resolve: An Application for Trending, Mobility and Reducing System Outages

Atlanta, Georgia (November 14, 2016)FamTeck is enabling companies to redraw the boundaries of IT Database Administration. Overhead costs continue to skyrocket in part due to increases in the rapidly growing volumes of data and the need to increase efficiency while delivering results on shorter timelines.  More data requires more storage and performance tuning, oftentimes necessitating the purchase of additional hardware and human resources. IT leaders are being tasked to enable their businesses to move faster without system downtime. This includes increasing application performance and response times while doing more with less coupled with budget constraints.

FamTeck: Instance Resolve leverages new technologies and mobility to provide next generation applications to meet those challenges. Instance Resolve not only provides real-time Oracle and SQL Server monitoring, but it is especially known for capacity planning and trending dashboards, reducing system outages by outlining potential challenges before they occur. All this and other analytics can be accessed remotely on your smart phone or tablet. Instance Resolve provides a rich source of information with consolidated, holistic views of database, storage, application, web-server tiers and trending for years to come.

Instance Resolve benefits includes:

  • Cost Efficient – Eliminates the need to keep recruiting, training, and retaining Database Administrators. Instance Resolve allows the team to focus on strategic planning verses tactical challenges.
  • Cost Savings – Instance Resolve reduces DBA resource costs significantly by allowing them to do more with less. You will notice value right out of the box.
  • Increase productivity – Merges features from custom scripts, Enterprise Manager, TOAD, Fog Light and other tools into one consolidated easy to read view. Results in faster strategic decisions and resolutions. This reduces downtime and allows better departmental and individual productivity.
  • Reduce Storage Cost – Track and trend database and storage for many years. This allows you to develop an archive or purging strategy while increasing optimal application and database performance.  Reduces the need to purchase additional database storage.
  • Mobility – Allows the management team to have a visual view via smart phone or iPad into the infrastructure without having to wait for an email or phone call. You can be out fishing, on the golf course, spending quality time with your family or just reading a good book, while being able to have total insight into databases and applications from an executive, management and technical view.
  • Trending – Instance Resolve promotes transparency and collaboration between DBAs, UNIX, Storage and Application teams with planning and trending capability. Instance Resolve allows you to strategically plan upgrades, SQL and hardware tuning while minimizing disruption.
  • Proactively Reduce System Outages – You’ll know about upcoming issues before the news breaks. Be the first to see and be proactive by outlining potential challenges before they occur. Access other analytics remotely. Never miss a beat again!
  • E-Business Suite Plugin –This highly graphical plugin allows your technical and decision support team to focus more on strategic and project initiatives rather than day-to-day issues while increasing users’ experience in the application.
  • PeopleSoft Plugin – Offers the same features as E-Business Suite plugin including advanced scheduler information for decision support.

Arrange a Free Interactive Demo – Besides viewing the WebEx on your computer, all short presentations are interactive on your smart phone or tablet!

About FamTeck

FamTeck leverages new technologies and mobility to provide next generation applications to meet today’s challenges. We develop solutions that provide optimal performance allowing you to do more with less.

We truly understand the day-to-day challenges companies face and are eager to turn these challenges into opportunities that result in greater efficiency, productivity and profitability for our clients. FamTeck aligns business processes and information systems for clients allowing them to access the right information at the right time and empowering them to achieve their desired business results and create enterprise value.






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