Flashpoint Announces April 12 Demo Day in Atlanta


ATLANTA, GA– March 24, 2016– On Tuesday, April 12th, Flashpoint @ Georgia Tech will host its 6th Atlanta Demo Day at the Historic Academy of Medicine. Since the first Flashpoint Demo Day in 2011, when the founders of Ionic Security, Pindrop Security, Lucena Research, and a dozen other startups presented to an audience for the first time, Flashpoint @ Georgia Tech has worked with some of the most innovative and successful startups in the Southeast. At this Demo Day, all the startups in the current batch (and a few from previous batches) show their work. Introductory remarks will be given by Merrick Furst, Flashpoint’s Director and Distinguished Professor of Computing at Georgia Tech.

Before the demos, there will be a workshop for entrepreneurs and investors that explores authentic demand. Authentic demand is what the interest in your product or service feels like when your customers can’t not buy what you seem capable of delivering. Flashpoint startups employ a unique approach to discovering this demand, and build innovative products that meet it.

If you are interested in attending the Atlanta Demo Day, please visit http://flashpointdemodays.com/atl/.

About Flashpoint:

Flashpoint works closely with founders in a startup studio at Georgia Tech utilizing methods of behavioral economics and startup engineering. In 2013, Georgia Tech recognized Dr. Merrick Furst’s development of these methods with the university’s highest award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation.

Operating since 2011, Flashpoint is among the most experienced accelerators in the world. Flashpoint companies have raised roughly $300 million in investment from top tier venture firms and are valued at approximately $1 billion. You can learn more about Flashpoint in a Forbes interview with Dr. Furst (http://goo.gl/66yOOL), and in an excerpt from the recently released Harvard Business Review Press book, An Everyone Culture, Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (Kegan and Lahey).

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