Georgia Department of Corrections Partners with NexxPhase for Cloud based Hosted Contact Center Solutions

(ATLANTA- April 07, 2015)–NexxPhase, a premier provider of cloud-based Customer and Citizen Engagement hosted contact center technology and solutions, is partnering with the State of Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) to establish a next-generation solutions technology platform as part of the state’s nationally recognized position as a leader among states for innovatively managing the nation’s growing corrections systems.

NexxPhase Customer and Citizen Engagement Software Solutions, headquartered in Atlanta, is a growing provider of virtual Customer and Citizen Engagement Solutions having ranked top in competition on the Georgia Technology Authority’s Hosted Contact Center Services master evaluation and contract, under which GDC selected NexxPhase.

GDC Selects NexxPhase for Contact Center Management Platform Solutions

The GDC selected NexxPhase as its partner because of the rich functionality of its solution, including the SingleViewTM capabilities that rapidly integrate channels, interactions, and legacy systems to the agent, as well as the re-engineering of front-end to contact center to back-office processes, CRM mashable solutions, scalability, and integration versatility. The NexxPhase-GDC solution includes a richly-featured hosted, multi-channel contact center platform supplemented with a bilingual self-service interactive voice response (IVR) system that records probationer answers and transcribes them into the CRM, queued call-backs that better manage incoming calls, the NexxPhase signature SingleView TM that aggregates parolee information from multiple applications to agents in one display, outbound call blast, and probationer call geo-location.

Through strong partnering and intensive collaborative planning with GDC managers, analysts, and stakeholders, the NexxPhase team accomplished a successful GDC launch in under three months to support two critical service state contact centers that coordinate communications with one the nation’s largest populations of probationers and parolees.

Reducing Recidivism, Improving Community with Georgia Probation Reporting Contact Center

The Georgia Probation Reporting Contact Center is part of a larger initiative to reduce recidivism and transfer greater resources to higher risk offenders. Probation Operations presented the Commissioner of Corrections with its 10Step Framework. This 10 Step Framework when fully implemented will revolutionize Community Corrections not only in the State of Georgia, but also the United States.

The GDC-Pardons and Parole Call Center is a centralized team that is designated to provide quality customer service in handling of offender information inquiries for Central Office, State Prisons and the State Board of Pardons and Paroles. In February 2009, the Governor’s Office of Customer Service call center improvement team partnered with GDC to develop and implement a contact center designed to provide faster, friendlier, easier customer service to the citizens of Georgia. Simplifying citizen access to information, services and improving efficiency in answering the telephone are statewide customer service goals. The Pardons and Parole authority selected NexxPhase as the technology provider that can most effectively and quickly fulfill these objectives.

“NexxPhase has delivered to GDC a robust, forward-reaching technology infrastructure that will continually evolve to improve the state’s ability to manage a growing probationary population, as part of its mission to create a safer Georgia, by effectively managing offenders and providing opportunities for positive change,” stated Stephen A. Smith, VP Public Sector at NexxPhase.

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