Growth, Funding, and Exit Strategies for the Healthcare IT Company Breakfast

ATLANTA, GA — June 10, 2016– Arnall Golden Gregory’s Healthcare Information Technology Practice invites you to join us for breakfast, networking and an engaging and fast-moving discussion about guiding your HCIT company through successful growth.

The healthcare IT market, in Atlanta and across the country, is experiencing a period of unparalleled change and opportunity. How can HCIT company leaders take advantage of this market, employing smart growth strategies and moving toward a successful exit for owners? Register Now to hear answers from the perspective of entrepreneurs who have exited successfully and the investors who have helped them do so as they discuss:

  • powerful strategies for growth and how to implement them, from funding to strategic acquisitions
  • how to plan for successfully exiting your company
  • the latest and hottest trends in the HCIT market

Andrew Lindner
Cofounder and Managing Director of Frontier Capital, a venture capital firm that has made several recent investments in HCIT companies

  • Ryan Jones
    CEO of Florence Healthcare who led a successful strategic exit with his last HCIT company, Pubget
  • Mark Braunstein
    Professor and Associate Director for Health Systems at the Institute for People and Technology at Georgia Tech who previously was instrumental in multiple successful exit transactions with HCIT companies


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