Hacker Halted announces 2016 theme: The Cyber Butterfly Effect: How Small Mistakes Lead to Big Disasters

ATLANTA, GA– July 7, 2016– EC-Council Foundation’s Hacker Halted conference has made waves in the information security industry for years and 2016 will be no exception. The theme for the 2016 edition of Hacker Halted is “The Cyber Butterfly
Effect: How Small Mistakes Lead to Big Disasters.” The conference, held in Atlanta, GA annually since 2013, will be an opportunity for the speakers and audience to explore how cybersecurity decisions, mistakes, and oversights can create vulnerabilities and lead to embarrassing breaches. When hackers are constantly attempting
to penetrate an organization’s security, vulnerabilities don’t go unexploited for long.

At the Hacker Halted conference, some of the highest-level, most renowned speakers will address the crowd on topics that are most crucial to information security today. Topics include open source intelligence, web app security, biohacking, advanced SQL interjection, and many more and all relate to how most information security programs are one or two bad decisions away from catastrophe.

The conference is also the platform for an exciting debate exploring the controversies of privacy vs. safety. Top representatives from privacy advocacy groups will debate members of law enforcement and lawmakers to discuss where the line should be drawn between privacy rights and security. The debate will take place during a joint session of Hacker Halted and the Global CISO Forum – reflecting the importance of this subject to all
levels of professionals. The goal is to yield important insights into the conflicting ideas around the subject of privacy in a world of terror and cyber crime.

Hacker Halted, to be held September 14-16, brings together students and professionals from across the spectrum of cyber security – from system administrators to C-level executives – and includes several events and learning opportunities: Hacker Halted Academy, the InfoSec Tech & Exec Awards Gala, the Hacker Halted conference, the Global CISO Forum, and the finals of the Global CyberLympics.

Hacker Halted Academy is an opportunity to engage in some of the most sought after training toward various professional certifications. Classes range from Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), to Penetration Testing (ECSA), to Certified Information Security Officer (CCISO), and among many others. Hacker Halted Academy provides information security professionals the ability to become truly well rounded cyber professionals, arming them
with the skills needed to take their career to the next level.

The Global CISO Forum, held in conjunction with Hacker Halted, is a chance for the executives of the information security industry to meet, share best practices, and debate hot topics. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are responsible for the infrastructure of some of the largest companies and organizations across the world and the breadth of knowledge they are expected to master is immense. The Forum comprises a
series of panel discussions peppered with keynote presentations to ensure the most important topics are discussed in-depth. Executives from around the world attend, including Mark Sutton, CISO of Bain Capital; Jamie Herman, CISO of Geller & Company; Igor Volovich, CEO of ROMAD Cyber Systems; and many more.

The event is a closed-door, by invitation only event.

If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here The Global CyberLympics, a worldwide hacking competition also organized by the EC-Council Foundation, will culminate with its World Finals the day prior to the Hacker Halted conference.

Teams representing dozens of countries will compete against each other in one 12-hour, no holds barred preliminary round in order to earn the right to battle it out in the finals. The champions will be crowned after being challenged in digital forensics, web application exploitation, system exploitation, malware analysis and physical security. In addition to world domination, the world champions will be awarded cash prizes, trophies, and medals at the opening of the Hacker Halted conference.

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