hot_desk_international_coworking-300x200ATLANTA, GA– November 15, 2016– Hot Desk International announced today plans to launch in 2017 with two new work travel journeys through Latin America. The Atlanta based start-up will offer entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelance creatives and remote-working professionals the opportunity to join a 36-member cohort that lives and works in some of Latin America’s most exciting destinations and will provide housing, workspace, transportation and everything necessary to keep a commitment to a career they love. The debut journeys will depart in Spring 2017 and Summer 2017, with the inaugural 8-week journey kicking off in April 2017 and traveling to 4 cities: Buenos Aires, Cusco, Lima and Bogota. Hot Desk International’s signature 12-month trip will depart in July 2017 and will guide travelers to 11 cities, including Medellin, Lima, Cusco, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Guadalajara, Panama City and more.

Hot Desk International will launch with an eye on the present and continuing trend of remote-work, digital nomadism and what many experts have deemed “geo-arbitrage”. Technology has made it possible to be an ambitious and productive team player in many industries, without reporting to the company office every day. Online tools facilitate everything from client meetings to meeting deadlines—workers can even enjoy water-cooler conversation with apps like Slack. Nearly a quarter of today’s workforce already works remotely, yet many of these professionals do so from home.

“Office hours, as we know them, are changing,” said Adam Wilson, founder of Hot Desk International. “What was once a ‘dream’ lifestyle – having the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world or travel while keeping your career on track – is no longer a dream. More companies than ever are offering flexible hours or remote-work options and a significant part of the workforce is actively seeking a remote-work lifestyle. The simple question we have for this new breed of professional is: why stay home?”

For those actively seeking a convenient and exciting way to work while they wander, Hot Desk International will launch in 2017 with two signature journeys: Latin American Highlights and Latin American Immersion. Both journeys will feature multi-city itineraries and travel group members can expect access to premier co-working spaces, exceptional accommodations, inspiring workweeks and adventurous weekends every stop of the way. During the week, members can take advantage of Latin America’s US-friendly time-zones while taking care of business at top-notch co-working spaces and on the weekends, they will take in the sights, sounds and tastes of some of Latin America’s most exciting destinations. Travel group members will also have the option of participating in a world-class Spanish language program, complete with Spanish language professors and tutors in each city.

Hot Desk International 2017 Journeys:

Departing July 2017 – 11 Cities, 12 Months
The Latin American Immersion journey is for those who can pack away the domestic life and settle into new work/travel international lifestyle. This program takes travelers from sophisticated Buenos Aires all the way north to the amazing cultural mega-metropolis of Mexico City, stopping in Latin America’s most beautiful beach towns, stunning colonial capitals and other exotic spots for 5 weeks at a stretch.

Departing April 2017 – 4 cities, 8 Weeks
The 8-week Latin American Highlights journey is specifically designed for those who can’t commit to being away for a full year, but still want a taste of the international work/travel lifestyle. Travelers will live and work in Latin America’s most exciting cities: sophisticated Buenos Aires, coastal Lima, Andean Cusco and bohemian Bogotá.

“We’ve designed the 8 week journey for those who can’t fully detach from the office but still want an incredible work-travel experience,” said Laura Vega, co-founder of Hot Desk International, “while our Latin American Immersion journey is best for those who can eliminate all of their standard recurring living expenses and, with our help, easily swap them towards a new and exciting lifestyle. The year-long commitment allows travelers to settle into a ‘normal’ life routine and be part of the local communities; it’s the difference between simply traveling through versus actually living somewhere.”

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