Infinity, Inc. Reveals New Logo to Celebrate 20 Years

Infinity, Inc. began in 1999 with Chuck Brown and David Brown. They offered break-fix IT services to customers, which means that when someone had a problem or needed help, they helped. It’s a reactive and unpredictable business model, and it’s how pretty much all IT service companies start out.

After a few years, the Brown brothers knew they could do more for their clients if they began managing their IT. This way of operating shifts the focus to a more comprehensive treatment of each client. Instead of solving one-off issues, Infinity implemented tools to monitor and prevent problems across the entire network. As more and more software came into use, businesses needed more complex setups and stronger protections.

But nowadays, with entire generations growing up with the Internet and email—some not even knowing what a rotary phone is or how people communicated before Facebook and Instagram—younger people have become more computer-savvy at an earlier age. And with the variety of IT vendor offerings, nearly anyone with a credit card can call themselves a managed services provider and sell cybersecurity protection and Microsoft O365 licenses. Even Office Depot, who you may think of solely for paper and office supplies, is doing it.

But service, while critical, is not the ultimate goal for Infinity. We want to provide our clients with solutions. And solutions aren’t about which data backup tool or antivirus you have. Solutions are what gets you to your business goals.
• Need to hire more employees? More flexible and robust remote networking and communications can make your business more attractive.
• Need to streamline your customer purchasing and fulfillment process? Let’s look at your workflow and see where we can automate.

True IT solutions make your business better, faster, stronger. This new logo isn’t about starting over or changing who we are. It’s about evolving to face the future head-on and to provide more value to our clients.

Our goal has always been our clients’ overwhelming success and happiness with our partnership. Our new logo is simply a way of indicating that we’re taking this relationship to the next level.

And we can’t wait to show you.

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