IO Education Forms Partnerships to Help Schools Use Data Effectively


ATLANTA, GA– August 9, 2016– To guide educators on their quest to transform data into insight and action, IO Education announces partnerships with the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) and Dellicker Strategies. Through these partnerships, IO Education enhances its capacity to collaborate with school districts by bringing expert analysis to bear on how to best leverage student data to improve education outcomes.

“Everything we do revolves around helping educators get the most out of the data that is available to them,” said Doug Mesecar, vice president of strategic partnerships at IO Education. “Through these partnerships with highly regarded industry leaders, we’re continuing to deliver on our promise to make data useful and meaningful for educators.”

IEBC is a nonprofit organization that works with education organizations and leaders, helping them identify the data required to make informed decisions and gain the knowledge and skills to act on them. With IEBC’s guidance, educators turn data into information that is useful, useable, and actionable leading to measurable improvements in outcomes. IO Education will work with IEBC to advise district administrators and educators on strategies for turning raw data into useful insights and meaningful action. “Working with IO Education advances our mission of helping educators make smart, data informed decisions that ultimately benefit students,” said Brad C. Phillips, president and CEO of IEBC. “This collaboration will benefit administrators, teachers, and students across the U.S.”

Dellicker Strategies is a leading provider of comprehensive implementation support for personalized learning in schools and districts, helping leaders and educators implement effective technology use and hybrid instructional approaches. Dellicker Strategies will utilize the IO Education platform to ensure educators have access to relevant, timely student performance data to better engage learners and implement personalized learning. “Student performance data helps teachers further individualize instruction, but it’s unrealistic to expect teachers to navigate so much data without training,” said Kevin Dellicker, co-founder and CEO of Dellicker Strategies. “This partnership with IO Education makes that support more accessible and scalable.”

With IO Education, schools and districts can break down data silos and aggregate state, district, classroom and assessment data to develop a rich understanding of student growth. Learn more at

About IO Education

As a leader in the education technology industry for over 18 years, IO Education is on a mission to empower educators through data to improve educational outcomes. The solutions from IO Education are used in all 50 states by over 5,000 schools and 120,000 educators, supporting instruction for over 5,000,000 students. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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