iPass and Telrite Corporation Partner to Bring Unlimited Wi-Fi Access to Lifeline Program Subscribers




ATLANTA, GA –November 30, 2016 –iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), the leading provider of global mobile connectivity, and Telrite Corporation, through its Lifeline supported wireless service, Life Wireless™, today announced a partnership to bring unlimited Wi-Fi access to qualifying subscribers of the Lifeline program. The partnership will help provide Lifeline program subscribers with a secure, fast connection on their mobile devices.

Beginning on December 1, 2016, Lifeline program subscribers will receive access to the iPass global Wi-Fi service. Once activated, the service will provide each subscriber with access to the world’s largest Wi-Fi network.

“Being connected is absolutely integral to engaging in today’s world,” said Patricia Hume, the chief commercial officer of iPass. “So we are extremely pleased to be partnering with Telrite, whose Life Wireless service gives more than one million Americans access to essential communications services. Life Wireless’ growing subscriber base is testament to a high commitment to service, in support of a truly noble mission. We are honored to be partners.”

“For the individuals and families we serve through the Lifeline program, Wi-Fi access, courtesy of iPass, is absolutely invaluable,” said Brian Lisle, the president of Telrite Corporation. “This partnership represents our continued dedication to ensuring that the subscribers we serve continue to have access to doctors, families, employers and emergency services – as well as access to education resources to help bridge the ‘Homework Gap’ for students at home – so that they can compete on a level playing field.”

Since 1985, the Lifeline program has helped low-income families obtain the phone service they need to stay connected to loved ones, make medical appointments, contact potential employers, and call 911 in an emergency. To be eligible for the Lifeline program, customers must meet certain income requirements or take part in a federal assistance program, such as Medicaid or Food Stamps. Customers may not receive service from more than one Lifeline carrier at the same time.

Life Wireless offers a Lifeline discount to low-income families and individuals for wireless services who meet certain eligibility requirements.

About iPass

iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS) is the leading provider of global mobile connectivity, offering simple, secure, always-on Wi-Fi access on any mobile device. Built on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, the iPass cloud-based service keeps its customers connected by providing unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity on unlimited devices. iPass is the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, with more than 57 million hotspots in more than 120 countries, at airports, hotels, train stations, convention centers, outdoor venues, inflight, and more. Using patented technology, the iPass SmartConnect™ platform takes the guesswork out of Wi-Fi, automatically connecting customers to the best hotspot for their needs. Customers simply download the iPass app to experience unlimited, everywhere, and invisible Wi-Fi.

iPass® is a registered trademark of iPass Inc. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

About Telrite Corporation

Providing communications services since 2000, the founders of Telrite Corporation bring over 25 years of experience in telecommunications network technology. Telrite delivers comprehensive, reliable telecommunications services with state-of-the-art network switches, experienced network operations managers and award-winning customer service. Telrite Corporation is a privately held company based in Marietta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.telrite.com.

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