Isotrak Releases Certified Hours of Service Application as Part of Their Suite of Mobile Telematics Offerings



ATLANTA, GA—  September 1, 2016— Global telematics software solutions provider Isotrak has released one of the first fully compliant applications that meets ELD certification and has been approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The application provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface so drivers can focus on safety and their deliveries.

“HOS regulations are a major issue given how time-consuming it can be to stay on top of legislative changes,” states Brett Conner, President of Isotrak North America. “We understand this can be a challenging task, so we remove this burden for our customers by providing software solutions that are not only easy to use but are also always in compliance with the latest regulations. Plus, our support teams go the extra mile by training drivers and back-office administrators on integrating the technology so they can quickly reduce waste and recognize the value of these tools.”

Isotrak’s Compliance application is simple to integrate into existing workflows and device infrastructures. Paperless reporting features reduce overhead costs and administrative inaccuracies, while automatic software updates ensure fleet operations are always compliant with the ELD mandate.

The HOS app is designed with an intuitive interface that streamlines reporting and supports unlimited co-drivers. Additional benefits include:

  • Comprensive logs that show time-remaining displays, shipping information, duty statuses and drive distances
  • Easy access through Isotrak’s online portal for back-office managers to monitor driver activities
  • Alerts that are sent to drivers through their mobile devices to avoid potential breaches of HOS rules
  • Color-coded panels that show drivers when they’re required to be on- or off-duty

Isotrak also complements the HOS app by including a Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) solution, which allows drivers to submit pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection reports through their mobile devices. Benefits include:

  • The option to upload photos so drivers can comment on specific areas of a vehicle that need attention
  • Electronic signatures so drivers can easily review and sign off on repairs
  • Streamlined access to digital inspection reports so back-office administrators can prioritize maintenance repairs across their entire fleets

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About Isotrak

Isotrak provides real-time visibility, control and measurement of fleet performance to help supply chain management teams quickly address transportation problems and change the outcome before they turn into costly errors. For transportation, logistics and supply chain management teams that need a solution designed to address problems before they occur, Isotrak ensures efficient, predictable delivery performance from any fleet, anywhere, and at any time through a robust data-driven platform. Isotrak’s highly customizable dashboards with exception-based alerting help organizations prioritize and focus on what really matters, empowering teams to make quick, informed decisions that impact the bottom line. Visit for more information.

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