Izenda’s Embedded Business Intelligence Platform Chosen by Affiliated Acceptance Corp.

ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 19, 2015– Izenda Inc. announced today that Affiliated Acceptance Corp. (AAC) selected Izenda’s business intelligence platform to put the power of data insight into the hands of the user, providing them greater autonomy to change and update reports for their business.

AAC supports fitness clubs and Martial Arts schools by providing payment processing, full service billing and software. AAC’s software offers features for fitness facilities and Martial Arts schools such as contract creation, account management, scheduling, attendance tracking, personal training records and Martial Arts belt management and class tracking.
“We take care of the back end, so our clients can focus on what they do best,” says Eric Steen, Corporate Counsel for AAC.

Before selecting Izenda, AAC’s team provided extensive support creating reports because their old BI system did not allow for intuitive creation of reports. Users couldn’t select and manipulate data and easily export it, so AAC’s staff had to manually create reports in order to accommodate their clients’ reporting needs.

Migrating to Izenda’s web-based platform delivers the ability to empower clients to create their own real-time data discovery, drilling down into ad hoc reports to gain more insight about their own customers. Just as important for AAC, choosing Izenda has freed its own developers to keep improving AAC’s offerings, so the company can follow its mission to provide value to their clients, which always comes first.

AAC does more than just offer service for its clients. Steen says they provide not only service to the business, they also provide support to the client’s customers. AAC’s dedicated call center handles inquiries, chargebacks, disputes and overdue payments. “In our language, the client is the gym, health club or Martial Arts school. The customers are the members of the gym, health club or Martial Arts school,” and AAC supports them all.
AAC remains focused on providing value for clients, which is important as the company gains many new clients through referrals. In business since 1989, the company focuses on smaller gym owners and independent family operations, including some that have 40 to 50 locations. Steen said each of their clients can be recognized by an entrepreneurial spirit. According to him, “AAC support staff and software services provide clients with added value beyond just payment processing.”

For AAC, simplicity and usefulness were primary features in a new embedded business intelligence reporting system. AAC evaluated five platforms, including offerings in the commercial and open source space. Ultimately, Izenda was chosen in a month-long evaluation process. The ease of integration, simplicity of use and interface usability were key factors in choosing Izenda, according to Steen. Integration took just three weeks.
“Improving BI and analytics capabilities inside AAC’s application by embedding Izenda’s platform was integral to freeing AAC staff to focus on other factors that drive value to their clients. The health club and Martial Arts school entrepreneurs now create reports that suit their individual needs to make better business decisions,” said Lee Nagel, Izenda’s VP of Marketing.

About Affiliated Acceptance Corp.
Affiliated Acceptance Corporation (AAC) provides payment processing, full service billing and software to fitness industry and Martial Arts businesses. AAC services help increase cash flow through consistent payment processing, pursuit of overdue accounts, reporting for cash flow analysis and customer management.To find out more visit affiliatedacceptance.com
About Izenda
Izenda is a leading business intelligence and analytics platform purpose-built for Independent Software Vendors, Solutions Providers and Enterprise users. Our integrated BI platform allows end-users to easily access, visualize, and share valuable data and insights in real time. Embedded seamlessly in your application, Izenda delivers BI directly to the people who need it most. Our core business is BI. Let Izenda do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. To find out more about Izenda’s platform, visit Izenda.com.


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