Kobiton and App-Ray Partnership Provides Unique Service that Improves the Security of Mobile Apps




ATLANTA, GA — December 5, 2017 — With high-profile cyber attacks continuing to erode consumer and enterprise trust, Kobiton and App-Ray have partnered to ensure that Kobiton is a highly secure mobile device lab that can also improve an app’s security.

The Kobiton platform, which provides developers and businesses access to real mobile devices and offers device lab management in one easy-to access cloud, will now help businesses detect known and potential security issues within their apps using App-Ray’s advanced mobile security analysis tools.

“Businesses can not only test on the latest devices, but benefit from a full security review of their mobile app as part of our partnership with App-Ray,” said Kevin Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Kobiton. “We are excited to give developers and businesses more tools to protect their apps and most importantly, their users.”

Through the partnership, mobile applications uploaded to the Kobiton test cloud will be scanned with App-Ray’s innovative technology, identifying vulnerabilities and alerting app owners so that they can better secure their app. Users will be notified and be better prepared to resolve potential issues faster, reducing risk for their users.

This scan, coupled with Kobiton’s ISO 27001 (ISMS) certification, makes Kobiton one of the safest mobile device labs available.

“We have extensive experience detecting vulnerabilities to hacking, data leaks and malicious code in iOS and Android apps,” explained Zsolt Nemeth, Founder and CEO of App-Ray. “Our fully-automated security analysis tool will ensure that apps tested on the Kobiton platform will be safe.”

He continued, “Through the partnership, we will also be able to help development teams release safe apps free of expensive security flaws that can compromise quality and reputation.”

For more information about this partnership, visit www.kobiton.com. To learn more about securing a mobile app without sacrificing release times, download the Security of Mobile Apps white paper at kobiton.com/mobileappsecurity.

About Kobiton

Kobiton is a powerful mobile device cloud that allows companies to more effectively manage the devices they own and access the real devices they want. Simple to use, easy to access from anywhere and flexible enough to scale capacity across internal or external devices, Kobiton minimizes costs while increasing productivity, helping businesses get their apps to market sooner.

The mobile device cloud platform offers centralized testing history and insights to improve collaboration across teams; access to the most in-demand mobile devices to supplement existing inventory and significant cost savings.

Visit kobiton.com to learn more.

About App-Ray

App-Ray, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is the leading provider of automated mobile application security scanning. App-Ray provides fully automated security analysis of mobile applications to find security issues, privacy breaches and data leaking potentials. It augments existing mobile security solutions to classify and provide deep insights on application behavior. App-Ray enables app-store providers to screen incoming apps, developers to identify vulnerabilities and organisations to handle risks associated with mobile applications. App-Ray was founded in 2015 and currently builds a network of channel partners all over the Europe and the US.

For more information visit: http://www.app-ray.co

Follow App-Ray on Twitter: @AppRayOfficial


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