Lessons Learned from Elemica’s North American Supply Chain Conference

IGNITE 2015 Topics Include Partner Collaboration Success Stories, The New Rules of Transportation Economics, A More Responsible Business, Building Social Communities, Supply Chain Insights for the Chemical Industry, Overcoming Success Killers, and More

Wayne, PA and Atlanta, GA– October 29, 2015 – Elemica, the leading Supply Chain Operating Network provider for the process industries, recently held their IGNITE 2015 Supply Chain Conference for the Americas in Philadelphia. Attendees included supply chain leaders from global chemical, tire & rubber, energy, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and plastics companies. Featured presentations provided strategic insights into superior buyer and supplier collaboration, exceeding process orchestration and automation goals, the new rules of transportation economics, building businesses of tomorrow, effective business social communities, beating productivity killers, and gaining greater visibility across the extended value chains of the process industries.

“The Elemica IGNITE North American conference covered many industry trends and game-changing solutions companies can use to win the market,” said Ed Rusch, VP Corporate Marketing at Elemica. “A big thank you to all involved – clients, industry analysts, prospective customers, and product managers – for sharing their strategic insights and leading discussions on superior supply chain visibility, agility, performance and innovation.”

Lessons learned from the Ignite Conference in Philadelphia include:

Carol Sanford, Author, Speaker and Consultant, The Carol Sanford Institute – “The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success.” Carol outlined four top supply chain challenges, presented three key errors companies do to try to overcome them, and demonstrated the results when a culture of caring is discovered.

Dorothy Lellek, North American Head of Supply Chain and Owner of Global Order-to-Cash, Lonza – “Touchless Demand Capture: Increasing Overall Order-to-Cash Productivity.” Dorothy presented Lonza’s goals to increase process automation and better delight their customers, and outlined their accomplishments.

Ann-Marie Craig, Supply Chain Management Supplier Connectivity – “A Buyer’s Perspective: Keys to a Successful Connection.” Ann-Marie presented key enablers to a successful supplier connection and collaboration program and the benefits of using Elemica’s business network in order to exceed the program’s objectives.
Noël Perry, Principal, Transportation Economics – “Transportation: A Year on Edge.” Noël declared five rules of transportation dead and presented the new rules replacing them. Supply chains will be dramatically impacted by these changes. Strategies to ensure a successful transition were outlined.

Mark Babbitt, Author and President, Switch and Shift – “A World Gone Social.” Mark advanced the social mindset for business where companies need to listen to their customers and the market via social media. Leaders adopting this mindset are able to better align their companies to their customers and employees, truly engage with others, and positively change the culture.

Paul Lord, Research Director, Supply Chain, Gartner – “Insights on Supply Chain for the Chemical Industry.” Paul presented that as best practices evolve, shippers will want to sense demand, shape demand, and hone in on the most profitable response. This requires a new consideration of constraints to get the right risk versus cost equation.

Randy Meriwether, Principal, Applied Acceleration– “Overcoming Habituation.” Randy defined habituation, explained why it’s a powerful success killer, and presented how we’re hardwired to resist change. Traps to avoid and tips to overcome habituation were discussed. Planning and consistency are outlined as fuels for success.

IGNITE 2015 included breakout session tracks across various technology, collaboration and supply chain disciplines. Breakout presentations and panel discussions included topics like; Building Trust in Trading Partner Relationships, The Three Technology S’s of Security, Stability, and Scalability, Creating a Supplier Collaboration Program, What Does Digital Business Mean, Working your Next-Gen Network, and more. Elemica’s Product Management Team members also hosted solution showcase sessions in their respective domains.

On-demand viewing of Elemica’s IGNITE 2015 North American Supply Chain Conference are available online at http://resources.elemica.com/h/c/212968-conferences-and-events.

About Elemica

Elemica is the leading Supply Chain Operating Network for the process industries. Elemica transforms supply chains by replacing manual and complex approaches with efficient and reliable ones. Launched in 2000, customers like BASF, BP, Continental, The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, LANXESS, Michelin, Shell, Solvay, Sumitomo Chemical, Wacker and more process nearly $400B in commerce value annually on the network. Elemica drives bottom line results by promoting reduced cost of operations, faster process execution, automation of key business processes, removal of transactional barriers, and seamless information flow between trading partners. For more information, visit www.elemica.com.

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