mHealth Innovator Sensiotec Named 2014 MACOC Healthcare IT Startup of the Year

Sensiotec Inc., a leading innovator in biosensor and mHealth technology, was named the 2014 Phoenix Award HealthCare Information Technology Startup Company of the Year by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce at the annual Health IT Leadership Summit.

“Sensiotec is on a transformative journey to shape the future of patient care,” said Robert Arkin, Sensiotec CEO and founder. “What we’ve commercialized is a game changer that has huge implications for improving patient outcomes and saving money both inside and outside the hospital.”

“Sensiotec’s innovative technology is disrupting everyday patient monitoring practices with its remote, noncontact solution,” said David Hartnett, VP Economic Development for the Chamber. “This high-growth company is changing the landscape of health information technology and improving patient care.”

Branded as Virtual Medical Assistant® (VMA), Sensiotec’s system embraces the Internet of Things, combining a sensor panel that is placed under a patient’s bed or chair at the point of care with a web app. The sensor panel, which the FDA has cleared for safety and accuracy, transmits and receives continuous ultra-low power radar signals that reflect off the patient’s internal organs, torso and limbs. After receiving the reflected signals, the panel processes and filters the signals, relaying continuous physiological data about the patient through a web app. Through a virtual sensor suite, the web app identifies cardiorespiratory instability and patient agitation and manages bed fall and pressure ulcer risk. This supports early diagnosis and intervention, improves quality of care and enhances patient safety both remotely and at the point of care.

“Through Sensiotec’s proprietary, advanced radar technology, we are the only company in the world to create an FDA-cleared, truly non-contact system that monitors patient health without electrodes, wires, bracelets or tags touching the body,” said Dr. Jiten Chhabra, Sensiotec’s Medical Director and Director of Product Development. “Non-contact sensing of the human physiology eliminates the final usability barrier around data acquisition, moving us closer to the personalized healthcare model.
Recently, Sensiotec announced a strategic partnership with WellStar Health System, the largest not-for-profit health system in Georgia and WellStar’s Center for Health Transformation (CHT). In addition to a strategic equity investment in Sensiotec, WellStar will deploy Sensiotec’s VMA in diverse clinical settings, such as hospitals, sleep labs, long-term residential care and home care.

CHT’s newly appointed director, Steven Fraime, stated, “Our commitment to developing and advancing solutions designed to transform the value equation in the healthcare ecosystem led us directly to Sensiotec. We believe Sensiotec’s pioneering non-contact monitoring solution represents a seismic leap on the innovation needle that points towards systemic process improvement and rapid adoption.”
Since Sensiotec’s inception, the Company has committed approximately $6.7 million on patent protection, product development, clinical studies, FDA clearance, FCC certification, CSA and UL approvals, market research and customer discovery.

Over the past year, Sensiotec has received increasing recognition. In addition to its alliance with WellStar/CHT and the MACOC Health IT Startup of the Year Award, TEDMED named Sensiotec a “transformative startup that can shape the future of medicine.” Earlier in 2014, Sensiotec received the “Best of the Best” Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies Award and the People’s Choice Award for Breakthrough Technology from the Technology Association of Georgia. Sensiotec is also the recipient of the Healthcare Heroes Award for Innovation. In 2013, the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center recruited Sensiotec to ATDC Select, its flagship program for high potential startups.

“After years of development and testing, we are introducing the system to growing acclaim,” said Arkin. “With a Series B financing round that we expect to close in early 2015, we will demonstrate the strength and breadth of Sensiotec’s commercialization potential.”

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