Mobile Labs Helps Kick Device Emulators to Curb, Makes Continuous Delivery of Mobile Apps a Reality


ATLANTA, GA– June 14, 2016– For many IT leaders, continuous delivery for mobile applications can seem like a pipe dream. However, a new Enterprise Mobility Exchange webinar will show how Simplyhealth, a leading health cash plan provider serving nearly 3.5 million customers, brought their continuous delivery dream to reality.

You can hear how Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ helped Simplyhealth streamlined their mobile app testing to save nearly a year in development time at Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s online event on Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

Through deviceConnect, Simplyhealth gained a private mobile device cloud providing access to virtual devices from anywhere. As the platform lives behind the team’s corporate firewall, members can use existing test scripts and test applications with confidence in the system’s security.

Mobile Labs vice president of international sales Paul O’Callaghan will join Chris Dale, Simplyhealth IT test and release manager, to discuss the following:

• How to streamline testing using real devices rather than device emulators, which can be less effective and impact performance
• The result of cross platform testing with multiple scripts
• The solution to the security risks public cloud testing creates
• How to ensure high quality app performance and low costs is you have a dispersed workforce

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange online event, “Making Continuous Delivery for Mobile Applications a Reality,” will take place on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Register for the webinar and join the continuous delivery discussion:

About Mobile Labs
Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade mobile device clouds that improve efficiency and raise quality for agile–based, cross-platform mobile app and mobile web deployments. The company’s patented device cloud, deviceConnect™, is available in both public and on-premises configurations. deviceConnect provides affordable, highly-secure access to a large inventory of mobile devices across major mobile platforms to developers, test engineers, and customer support representatives, among others. At the heart of enterprise mobile app deployment, deviceConnect enables automated continuous quality integration, DevOps processes, automated testing, and manual app/web/device testing on managed devices. deviceConnect supports all major integrated app development environments (IDEs), such as Xcode, as well as automated app and web testing on real mobile devices using a wide variety of mobile UI test automation tools. For more information, please visit


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