Mobile Labs Testing Solutions Now Support Apple’s iOS 10


ATLANTA, GA– July 08, 2016– Mobile Labs, provider of enterprise-grade mobile testing solutions, today announced comprehensive support for Apple’s iOS 10 on iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®.

Mobile Labs’ complete testing solutions, including deviceConnect™, Mobile Labs Trust™ and deviceBridge™ now support iOS 10. While the new Apple platform is currently in beta testing, Apple is expected to launch the final, stable version of iOS 10 in September.

Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ supports manual and automated mobile app testing behind the security of a corporate firewall by using a private mobile device cloud. iOS 10 support includes the complete set of device access management and testing capabilities already available for Android and prior iOS versions: manual testing, automated testing and device inventory management. In addition, support includes dynamic instrumentation that allows users to test unmodified apps, including iOS 10 apps, without the need to create a special app build or to make source code changes.

“Now more than ever, a sense of urgency exists around new iOS updates,” said Mobile Labs president and CEO Don Addington. “Users look forward to the new features and improvements, and they expect their apps to function appropriately on day one. This adds extra pressure to developers’ shoulders to thoroughly test already-deployed apps. deviceConnect’s efficiency and security helps you ease that pressure and blow expectations away.”

Current Mobile Labs customers can gain the ability to test iOS 10 devices by upgrading to the most recent 7.1 patch and installing Xcode.

To learn more about how to ensure that your organization’s applications and mobile friendly website provide a high quality experience to iOS 10 users Contact Mobile Labs at 404-214-5804 or visit

About Mobile Labs
Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade mobile device clouds that improve efficiency and raise quality for agile–based, cross-platform mobile app and mobile web deployments. The company’s patented device cloud, deviceConnect™, is available in both public and on-premises configurations. deviceConnect provides affordable, highly-secure access to a large inventory of mobile devices across major mobile platforms to developers, test engineers, and customer support representatives, among others. At the heart of enterprise mobile app deployment, deviceConnect enables automated continuous quality integration, DevOps processes, automated testing, and manual app/web/device testing on managed devices. deviceConnect supports all major integrated app development environments (IDEs), such as Xcode, as well as automated app and web testing on real mobile devices using a wide variety of mobile UI test automation tools. For more information, please visit

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