Mobile Labs to Speak about Making Continuous Delivery for Mobile Applications a Reality


ATLANTA – March 16, 2016 – Mobile Labs, a leading provider of enterprise-grade mobile testing solutions, will speak at a web seminar hosted by Techwell on March 23, 2016, about overcoming the technical challenges of continuous delivery for rapid delivery of high-quality mobile apps.

Dan McFall, Mobile Labs vice president of mobility solutions, will speak at the event. McFall has extensive experience working with global organizations to improve their development and QA processes for mobile device and application testing. During the web seminar, he will cover the following topics:
• How to avoid significant security risks caused by testing in a public cloud
• Ways to streamline cross-platform testing
• How to create and maintain high-performing apps despite the ever-increasing number of operating systems and devices

“The rising demand for enterprise mobile apps means that development and testing teams need to create high-quality apps as efficiently as possible,” said McFall. “Enterprises staying ahead of the curve are updating their time-consuming manual testing strategy to continuous delivery for more efficient and effective mobile application testing.”

The Techwell online event, “Make Continuous Delivery for Mobile Applications a Reality,” will take place on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at 2:00 p.m. ET. For more information and to register for this free web seminar, visit;F:QS!10100&ShowKey=30663&AffiliateData=TWcommsites&

About Mobile Labs
Mobile Labs provides enterprise-grade mobile device clouds that improve efficiency and raise quality for agile–based, cross-platform mobile app and mobile web deployments. The company’s patented device cloud, deviceConnect™, is available in both public and on-premises configurations. deviceConnect provides affordable, highly-secure access to a large inventory of mobile devices across major mobile platforms to developers, test engineers, and customer support representatives, among others. At the heart of enterprise mobile app deployment, deviceConnect enables automated continuous quality integration, DevOps processes, automated testing, and manual app/web/device testing on managed devices. deviceConnect supports all major integrated app development environments (IDEs), such as Xcode, as well as automated app and web testing on real mobile devices using a wide variety of mobile UI test automation tools. For more information, please visit


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